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What is CA? And How does it Affect the Business World?

What is CA? and How does it Affect the Business World?


Chartered Accountancy, a professional degree of accounts usually a very unfamiliar term to people outside the business world but helping the most crucial building blocks for every firm, company, business entity, and every entrepreneurial structure is the most sought-after field for business and accountancy aspirants.

With the recent increase of world interest in this field and its effects in making a person the most critical part in

  1. maintaining books and reports of an entity,
  2.  scaling its business,
  3. Managing all of its financial aspects,
  4. Providing critical bits of advice,

What it’s all about?

It makes you a mastermind of all the relative activities of the business world be it

  1. Taxation,
  2. Auditing,
  3. Law concerning activities,
  4. Managerial concerns,

Safe to say after completing this professional course you come out to be a professional with all the proficiency who can exploit the most beneficial opportunities and ranks and dive into a rewarding world with job opportunities in every local and international firm and company and every business body with handsome and fulfilling career growth and salary.

What makes it professional and diverse?

 Total 5.5 years of course with mandatory 3.5 years of article training during your professional studies and a total 3 of professional courses including IT, presentation and communication skills, managerial skills

It makes the aspirant an expert in his field already as soon as the course ends making him the most eligible and likable by the recruiters everywhere.

Chartered accountancy’s Impact on business.

With every sole proprietor business, company, government institution, and every business body that aims to add to the economy needing to maintain its books and professional guidance on decision making and to produce accurate accounts for tax revenues and audits, and deal with legal terms need a Chartered accountant and his expertise to help it keep working says for the demand and importance itself.


           In conclusion with the needs of budgeting, taxing, auditing, financing and, accounting in every field Chartered Accountants are the main persons playing all the functions to hold an entity on its grounds and helping the government regulate its activities are currently the most important and one of the highest-paid professionals in the world with growing scope in every field of life.

Sample Job Application for Inventory Clerk

Sample Job application for inventory clerk. Apparently clerks are office works, who keep and maintain the record of particular organization, and generally perform office duties but they are very important in progress of any organization.

Sample Job Application for Inventory Clerk

The Assistant Director,
Multi-National Tanning Organization
London, United Kingdom

Subject: inventory clerk job application

Respected Sir,

I am writing to you in the respond of your job entitled with “inventory Clerk job” advertisement on your website that your organization is currently hiring an Inventory Clerk to work in your multinational organization of Tanning. Sir I am mathematics graduate from school of Mathematics, London with first division. I also have earned different typing and software office diplomas with extension.
I have primary experience in managing the inventory control system, maintaining record data, rectifying miscalculations and excellent mathematic skills, integrity time management, and team work with management and making recommendations for improvement as necessary after detailed attention to the data of organization. I am attaching my all certificates and other relevant documents with my CV along with this request letter. Hopefully, I fulfilled your required
criteria for this job. You can even give me any sample work to show you my skills and efficacy.
If you would give me opportunity to work with your organization as a inventory clerk I can be prove as valuable asset for you. I can assure you that there would be no issue regarding discipline, regularity and punctuality in attendance, work performance and other duties assigned to me.
I would be anxiously waiting for your call of interview. I would be really obliged if you would select me for such opportunity. It’s an honor for me to be a part of this well reputed multinational
tanning organization. Thanking and anticipating you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. William
Date 15.06.2018

Sample Cover Letter for Finance Director

Sample Cover Letter for Finance Director. Finance area is hectic as it requires a great deal of mental presence and handy mental math for quick solutions and this job is fit for those who are good in calculations. Give it a try!

Sample Cover Letter for Finance Director

The Board of Governors,
Sky Bound Bank Limited,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Cover Letter for finance director

Valued Mr. Cooper,

I am lettering to apply for the Finance Director position with Sky Bound Bank Limited. I am a financial trained with over 12 years in this field. My gen of the pros and cons of finance is massive and I meticulously relish the work. As the Finance Manager with Stanley Company, I maintained company’s wide monetary records oversee appraisals, managed the finance line-up and communicated financial rank reports to main players.

I have a strong comprehension of finance dealings as well as the laws and domination adjoining business finance. My investigative time- management and communication skills are exceptional and permitting me to manage the copious duties of Finance Manager with affluence. I am thorough when it comes to facts and seldom make an accounting inaccuracy. On many junctures I have been extolled by bosses for catching the mistakes of others and saving the company’s time and money.

I would truly look onward to bringing these skills to the squad at Worldwide Industries. I believe you will find my identifications and subjective potentials will be more than to meet your expectations and I am buoyant that I would be a prolific addition to your staff as Finance Director. Kindly reach out at your earliest expediency to set up an interview. I look frontward to meeting you and thank you for your contemplation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Michael Winger,
14 th September, 2017.

Sample Job Application Letter for Clerk

Sample Job Application Format for Clerk. Clerks are the backbone of any organization and yet they are lowly paid! Such easy format of application is designed for those who struggled for new job.

Job Application Letter for Clerk

The Manager,
David Construction Corporation

Subject: Job Application for Clerk

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to state that I had graduated myself from the reputed college of London’s. I scored a good GPA and excelled in my academic career with distinction from grade one. I was good in studies but due to sudden financial upheaval I had to cut down the academic path which I regret the most.

I wanted to continue my studies and applied for petty vacant jobs but recently I saw the vacant job of clerk in the local newspaper. I am no doubt new for this job if you will hire me but I assure you that I am really good in accounts and will be able to tackle the matters with ability and wisdom. The salary package is attractive for me and the reasonable timings will spare me time to further continue my studies in the field of accountancy.

I am hopeful of getting the chance of working with you people as I heard that your prestigious company valued and encouraged the young blood to invest their energies in the company like yours. I had attached the prerequisite documents of my academic degrees with this application for the favourable chase. Do consider my essence in form of words scribbled in this application.Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. George Stephen
February 28, 2016

Job Application Letter for Clerk
Job Application Letter for Clerk

Job Application for Senior Clerk

Sample Job Application Format for Senior Clerk. Jobs are necessary for the survival of mankind as it suffice the daily needs for survival. Clerks are the backbone of any organization and yet they are lowly paid! Such format of application is designed for those who struggled for new job.

Sample Job Application for Senior Clerk

The Manager,
Prima Corporation, Calcutta

Subject: Job Application for Senior Clerk

Respected Sir,

In high words it is to state that I had come to know that in your prestigious organization the seat of clerk is vacant. The knowing of this came to me from my ex. colleague as he had read about the said post in the Daily India newspaper.

With due respect and honour I worked at the post of clerk in the office of Nestle Packages for three years and won the certificate of Best Employee in the office. I got my retirement from Nestle on the score of my some personal issues and joined ICICI Bank on the seat of clerk as well. I worked there for four years and my ACRs were in excellent grades. I resigned from the job because of extensive work and too long duration of working hours which was not good for people like me who falls in the old age category.

I am rich in accounts experience and can handle many tasks at a time. The reason why I am applying here for the job is that in your company there is Old Age Benefit and working hours are flexible which the feast is for me. My working experience certificates and other formal documents for further legal and channelized process are attached with this curriculum vitae
for your gracious speculation. Kindly consider not my age but my work experience and the ability to tackle the job challenges.I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Smith Samuel
October 6,2015.

Sample Job Application for Senior Clerk
Sample Job Application for Senior Clerk

Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant

Sample Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant. If any person is working in the capacity of Accounts Assistant or junior accounts officer in any organization he may get issued his/her experience certificate from the Manager. Easy format of experience letter is provided for Employer/Boss/Manager for convenience.

Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant

Date: 9th July, 2015

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This experience certificate is to verify that Mr. Ashok Mehta has been working with the team of Holidays Inn as Assistant Accountant since 1st Jan,2013 to 5th May,2015.

Owing to his skills he provided his services to our organization in adequate manner. Management is satisfied with his working capabilities. His job tenure was full of challenges and he dealt with all very well. His job responsibilities included: Maintaining Accounting Activities, Financial Reports, Receipts & Expenses Deposits and others.

During the span we found him diligent and punctilious. Moreover, he is keenly indulged in extravaganza official tasks. He was an active member of the team.

We wish him best of luck for his future career.


Holidays Inn.

Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant
Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant


Easy Format of Experience Letter for Junior Accounts Officer

Date: 9th August, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is to certify that Mr. Rahul Sharma was working with Falcon’s Association since 3rd June, 2011 to 5th May, 2015 as a ‘Junior Accountant’. During his working possession we found him capable person with qualities to skillfully organize and perform his duties. He was loyal, punctual and devoted towards his job at our place. His wide knowledge in this field makes him a strong contender and we are pleased to have his services in our organization.

We wish him good luck for future.


General Manager,
Falcon’s Association.


Request for Counter Signatures of Missing Bills

Sample Request for Counter Signatures of Missing Bills.This format of application for higher managment from accounts officer or recovery officer to complete the record if they lost the bills or summary details they again make all bills and write an application for signatures.

Request for Counter Signatures of Missing Bills

Subject: Require counter signatures of previous missing bills/summary

Dear Sir,

I have lost my bills/vouchers reqarding tret farm expenditures during the month of July 2014. it is scout out during the audit of the closing of the year 2014. Wrongly I put this billin safe with other official file, now I have found it.

It is humbly requested to you, please sign attached bill/summary, so that my advance amount may be clear against these bills.

I am very thankful yo you for this favour.

Thanking you I remain,

Muhammad Rizwan
Recovery Officer

Request for Counter Signatures of Missin
Request for Counter Signatures of Missing Bills

Experience Letter for Accountant

Sample written format of Experience letter for accountant and  Sample Experience letter for accounts manager/ accountant job. Easy template to be used by staff to write up any experience letter. Can be alternated as per requirements.

Experience Letter For Senior Accountant

To Whom It May Concern

This is certify that Raja Tahir Ali  S/o Tahir Ali holding Pakistani Passport Number________ has been working with us from 8th June to 7th September in the capacity of Accountant cum FOM (Front Office Manager). He was getting remuneration package of AED@ 4500/- Per month along with free accommodation , free Food and Traveling expense.

During his duration of work, we always found him very hardworking , punctual and honest. He discharged his duties with complete devotion, now he is leaving us, we wish him every success in life. He deserve to grow in the field of I.T & Accounts.

Managing Director,

Desert King Heavy Equipment.

Experience Letter For Senior Accountant
Experience Letter For Senior Accountant

Experience Letter for Accounts Manager

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Ahmad Khan was associated with our company from 5th July, 2003 to 1st June, 2008 as an Accounts Manager for five years. His responsibilities were to maintain accounts, process salary slips, maintain attendance reports, manage finance; he holds a good charge of junior accountants and made them able to do work efficiently.

During his working tenure we found him loyal and all responsibilities assigned to him were properly handled by him. We found him efficient and competent member along with his good moral conduct. He was a ethical person and in his time span with us he showed himself as a devoted person.

His absence will always be missed and we want to wish him good luck for future.



Experience Letter for Accountant

To Whom It May Concern

This is certify that Mrs. Nadia Ahsan W/O Ahsan Murtaza Qadri resident of 202 Faisal block Gulberg, Lahore has been working with us from 11-06-1994  to 31-11-1995 in the capacity of Accountant.

During her tenure  of work we always found her punctual, hard working and honest. She discharged her duties with sincerity and devotion.

She has good experience in the field of accounts and performs her tasks in efficient way. Her manual  accounting work has been maintained in the most legible handwriting and is very orderly, and her computerized skills were superb. She deserve to grow in this field.

We wish her success in her future assignments.

Director Company

Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant
Experience Letter for Accounts Assistant

Experience Letter for Accounts Officer

To Whom It May Concern

This is certify that__________name of employee W/O ______________Resident of___________,has been working with us for the period from_ to _______ as a ‘ Account Officer’.

During the span of work we found him well mannered professional and with good conduct. She/ He discharged her duties with devotion and sincerity . We always appreciate her academic knowledge and experience, because her generous contribution towards our work has brought golden colors in our institution.

We wish success in all the fields of life.

Company Name________
Manager Finance & General

Experience Letter for Accounts Officer
Experience Letter for Accounts Officer

Experience Letter Template for Accountant Position

Dear Sir,

This is to certify that Mr. Jordan has given us his services from 4 th December 2014 to 5th February 12019. He worked under the category of Accountant. He had to manage a lot of work simultaneously with reports sending in and out. We have found him very passionate about his work and his punctuality towards his work stands him out from the crowd. We have had marvelous time with our employee and really found him efficient and hardworking. His time span of work in this organization comes to an end and we wish him very good luck for his future ventures. Please contact for further details.

Yours Faithfully,


It is very helpful to make experience letter for accounts managerSenior Accountant/Junior Accounts officer or CashierFree sample format for accounts department. You can make necessary changes and according to requirement copy this letter on letterhead.

Job Application for Cashier

Sample format of Job Application for Cashier, a simple written format to be used. Being a cashier you have to be much loyal and for getting the job an impressive image is to be created among the higher authorities. Mention your skills, explain the enclosure. You have to prove yourself to be an honest and loyal person and able enough to keep your record up to date and to handle all tasks efficiently. It can be used as a Cover Letter of Job Application for Cashier. You can use as job hiring for cashier.

Job Application for Cashier Post

June 2, 2014.

Mr. Steve John.
Hiring Manager,
ABC Store Cantt. Lahore.

 Subject:  Job Application for Cashier

Your advertisement in The Dawn Newspaper specifies that you require efficient person to work in your Store as a Cashier. Accept the enclosed resume as a job application for the position of Cashier at ABC Store. Having an experience of three years in the field made my skills exceptional for the work. I am a well committed person along with best working capabilities within stress hours.   I am very interested in working for ABC Store due to its prestige and best ever quality assurance.

 I can handle all computerized system, cash and carry services, calculations at finger tips, billing through cash, credit cards and voucher handling and  even can manage cash register. My computer skills are marvelous in this regard. I believe my excellent customer service and leadership abilities would make me an ideal employee. I am therefore certain that my customer service abilities and leadership skills are just the qualities you are looking for.

I am eloquent in speaking native language. I am familiar enough with cash and accounting’s and to work with devotion keeping the customer care at front line. I am confident that I can handle stressful situations and make important decisions while working as a cashier for your store. I attended workshops and seminars of Customer Dealing and Care. Being an energetic member in your association I would definitely prove myself to be an asset. Looking forward to have a great opportunity ahead.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Ali Ishfaq.

Cashier Cover Letter Sample

Dear Sir,

With due reverence and gratitude, it is stated that I looked at the job
advertisement at your retail store and it instantly occurred to me that my job experience align with your requirements. I believe that I contain qualities such as customer service, flexibility, friendliness and sales. I always give attention to details. I also have been given award on my punctuality and positive attitude towards customer. I am supporting my own education and my own living. I come from a very hard working family, I have seen struggle growing up. It has taught me to be loyal and sincere to work before you are with yourself. I am a very active individual and always very vigilant about what is going on around. I am student and work part time to make my ends meet. I hope that my given reasons make me stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Yours Faithful,


Sample Resume Format for Accountant

Sample resume far Accounts job. It can be helpful for create new resume. You can free download from here according to your need. It can be used for new comers students want to get practical experience. CV free download of any person from here.

1- Resume for Accounts Job

Kishwar Shahzad

Cell #
To play a productive role and to enhance my professional skills in an institution that seeks an ambitious and career conscious person.
Graphic Systems
Ø  Working experience at various departs from September 2009 to – date
Ø  Working as a “Coordinator 
My key responsibilities are:
·        Coordination with customers
·        Dealing all the matters of Banks
·        Solving issue relating Sale & Purchase.
·        Negation with suppliers all the matter of purchase
  • Making Plan about Financing of company.
  • Handling the Sales Tax Matter of Company.
  • Financial Planning with Director’s
Ø  Working as a “Purchaser
My key responsibilities are:
·        Purchase planning
·        Making comparison sheet of rats
·        Negation with suppliers about price.
Ø  Working as a “Accounts Manager
My key responsibilities are:
·           Preparing of Profit & Loss Accounts & Income Statements of Company.
·           Preparing of Job Order according to Purchase Order of Customer
·           Preparation of Post Revenue Expenditure Vouchers in ledger.
·           Manage the A/c Receivable and A/c Payable of Company.
·           Job per-costing before start the job
·            Post costing after the complication of job.
·           Preparation of Sales Tax Invoices and Post of ledger.
·           Preparation of Staff Salary Sheet & distribution of salary through cash & bank payments.
·           Solving Issue relating Employees.
Griffon Pipe Industry
Working as a Accountant” from August 2007 to September 2009
My key responsibilities are:
·        Dealing all the matters of Banks and Making Plan about Financing of company.
·        Preparing of Profit & Loss Accounts & Income Statements of Company.
·        Manage the A/c Receivable and A/c Payable of Company.
·        Preparation of Sales Tax Invoices and Post of ledger.
·        Maintain Cash Book, Bank Book & Bank Reconciliation Statement.
Personal Information:
Father Name:
Date of Birth:
Martial Status:
Academics information
Lahore Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education
Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore
University of the Punjab
Virtual University
Communication skills:
Good communication skills in English, Urdu and Punjabi.
Computer skills
  • Assembling of computer peripherals, well working knowledge of computer peripherals.
  • Can work Orcal software and other software of accounting
  • Operating System: Windows 98, 2000, 2007, 2009, Windows XP, Windows 7.
  • Office Automation: Microsoft Office.
Will be furnished on Demand

2-  Sample Resume for Bank or Accounts Assistant Job

Navida Hanif                                        
An enthusiastic individual with an interest in moving into management training which will allow further development of my leadership and communication skills working in a fast moving environment, which will provide challenges.
 Professional Experience
Ø  3 month experience in internship in Allied Bank Ltd
Ø  1 year experience in RBS BANK as a personal banking consultant
Ø  Job still continues in BARCLAYS BANK PLC PAKISTAN.
            Tele Sales Officer AUG 2008 Still continouse
Ø  Work on personal loan sale for fresh customers as per bank policies.
Ø  Focus on quality selling and improve selling skills.
Ø  Focus on daily basis target and achieve target to improve my performance.
Ø  Coordinate with processing team in ordered to process cases and keep follow-up with cases in process in ciu.
Ø  Always focus on quality sale and improve not only my performance but also my line manager and my organization.
              B.COM (IT) Graduation
                                        Modren College of commerce frm Allama Iqbal  Town
                                                                       (Punjab University)
                                    Private (BISE Lahore)
             Govt Girls High School,           
  Computer Knowledge  

  •  E-mail/windows 9X,2K and XP Installation
  •  Internet browsing.
Interpersonal skills
Desire for growth, Entusiastic, Committed towards work, Honest, Feel comfortable to work in team environment.
Reference would be provided upon inquiry.