UK Visitor Visa Inviting Letter by Husband

UK Visitor Visa Inviting Letter by Husband

Subject: A letter by husband for wife

Dear Wife,

I want to invite you to UK to visit me for couple of weeks. You will come on 5th of January and leave on 15th of January. It’s been one year that I have not seen you in person. As I am aware that you will have holidays for couple of weeks from office so it would be a nice time to see each other. I will also take off from my office so we can spent some valuable time together. Your flight will departure from South Africa to United Kingdom. I will bear all the expenses of your accommodation, medical, health, personal expenses. I will take care of your every need. I will buy the return ticket also. Please show this invitation letter to consulate so he can help you in visitor visa process. I am sending all the required documents for your visa.

Yours Darling


UK Visitor Visa Inviting Letter to Wife

Subject: A letter by husband for wife to come visit him in UK

Dear Wife,

I hope you are doing great. I invite you to visit me in UK. We will plan to visit most of the famous places. It will be a wonderful opportunity for both of us to see each other after very long time. As we both are working so it is impossible for both of us to get time for each other. But besides building our careers we have to find time for each other. I will bear all your expenses including travelling, medical, and personal. You will visit me from India for 15 days on visitor visa and leave on the finalized date. You will be living with me in my apartment which is solely owned by me only. I hope that this letter will help you in your visitor visa process. Kindly show this letter to your consulate. I have sent all the required documents. I hope to see you soon.

Yours Sweetheart


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