Experience Letter for Marketing Officer

Sample Experience letter format for marketing officer, resource development officer. It is work experience certificate of marketing . It can be used for experience letter for marketing executive or executive officer. You can use as experience letter for Sales coordinator/ sales executive merchandiser, merchandising manager and various others.  Sample Experience Letter Format for Assistant Marketing Officer and other similar other marketing positionsJust make the necessary changes as per your requirements like Name, Father Name, Address, Date and duration of your job in the company. This experience letter template can be used as experience certificate for marketing professionals.

Experience Certificate for Marketing Officer

To Whom It May Concern

Mr Gulam Mujtaba Jillani worked as Marketing Officer in Askari CNG Projects (Army Welfare Trust) from 1st June  2007 to 28th March 2008. he worked with commitment and dedication performing the managing duties to my entire satisfaction. He is proficient in managing office work as well as coordination with clients and higher management in very decent form.

His planning skills  proved to be worth considering and helped  in gaining company’s economic  strength along with social contacts.  He has excellent relation with all team members and other departments and maintained cordial relation with all, he bears good moral character. He has good  computer knowledge and managerial skills , due to his pleasant personality was respected by colleagues and seniors alike.

I wish him well for his future assailment

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Experience Certificate for Marketing Officer
Experience Certificate for Marketing Officer



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