Experience Letter for Computer Operator

Sample written format of Experience letter for computer operator, an easy simple template to be used in order to write up experience letter. Showing his working skills, capabilities and experience. Changes can be done as per the capabilities of employee.

Experience Letter for Computer Operator


To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Miss. Irsa Idrees was serving our organization since 10th May, 2010 to 1st September, 2013 as a Computer Operator for three years. She was associated to manage all computer work, along with making data sheets and maintenance of record. She was linked up with management and technical work too.

Within her working tenure we found her enthusiastic and motivated person. She did all the work with effectiveness and showed her sincerity. Her devotion was prominent in her work. We wish her very best for her career and she will definitely prove to be an asset.

Warm Regards,

Signatory.  ____________

Experience Letter for Computer Operator
Experience Letter for Computer Operator

Sample Experience Letter for Computer Operator


To Whomsoever It May Concern

This certifies that Mr. Akbar Jalal, worked in our organization as an computer operator for two years since 4th May,2012 to 6th September, 2014. He served his best during this time period. He was a responsible person along with efficient computer skills. His skills were provoking

He proved himself to be the best choice as an employee. He was respectable at his place is sincerity worth enough. This letter is issued upon his request. We wish him good luck for future.






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    1. We can only provide application for Computer Operator Certificate.
      The Concerned Person,
      It is stated with respect that I have completed my Diploma in Computer last month from this prestigious institution. I was not able to attend the ceremony in which certificates were given I request you to please provide my certificate as I need it on account of applying for my job. I have attached with details with the application. I shall be highly obliged to you for this.
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