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Letter of Support for Newspaper Supplement

Sample Letter of Support for Newspaper Supplement.This  letter can be used by authorities of certain organizations who wanted to newspaper supplement for the betterment of their firms. Easy format is here.

Sample Letter of Support for Newspaper Supplement

The Editor,
Daily Times of Nation,
Buffalo, United States of America.

Subject: Letter of support for newspaper supplement

Respected Signor,

I hope you be enjoying good health and tender care at your end. I wish you the eternity of each thing that you wish in your life. Let me introduce myself to your gracious self; I am chairman of newly founded company of garments specific to inners of male and female. I had given the advertisement of specifications of my company in your reputed newspaper, but after the publication of that advertisement it came to my mind that I had skipped the information about Body Shapers! It is a new trend that I wanted to include in my company of garments, but forgot to mention it before in that article.

I completely understand that after the actual publication the provision of supplements is a bit awkward one, but on the other hand it adds to the meaning of the detailing given about certain firm or organization. On the behalf of my company, I humbly request you to kindly supplement the article given to you earlier for publication purpose. The inclusion of Body Shaper item will enhance my sale as nowadays protruding tummy and side pockets are major issues in both the genders. They wanted to get rid of it at any cost and my proposal of the item will attract multiple buyers to my firm. I hope you will add the remarks in the earlier detailing. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Shekel Joseph,
1 st September, 2016

Cover Letter for Newspaper Editor

Sample Cover Letter for Newspaper Editor or Job Application for Newspaper Editor. This sample can be used by professionals or people who want to apply for the specific seat. Mention your skills and experiences. You can alter it according to your requirements.

Cover Letter for Newspaper Editor

Mr. William John
The Hiring Manager,
Dawn News, Malaysia.

Subject: Job Application for Newspaper Editor

Dear Sir,

I found that your prestigious group of newspaper require a talented and experienced Newspaper Editor, and some criteria was also mentioned at the website. I am eager to apply for the specified post and I consider myself a perfect match for the job nature. I have over five years of experience in this same field and currently, I am working as a Senior Editor in renowned  organization.

I do have good writing and leadership skills which will definitely influence the management. I can lead the team to cover all types of news at regional, local and international level. I can manage digital and social media, having capabilities to work at latest machines.
I can maintain the infrastructure for the entire team. Having good interpersonal skills I can deal with whole staff and can distribute what costumer is seeking for.

I can also deal with Online Editing on social websites. I have great command over uploading news, editing, stylizing, proofreading and I have grip over my grammar I am interested in expanding my professional skills by working for a company like yours that really values loyalty, sincerity and acknowledges hard work.

Enclosure contains my CV and testimonials which will further elaborate my experiences. Getting a chance to prove myself would be appreciate able. I will prove to be the best candidate for the post. Thanking you for your precious time.


Bob Marley.

Sample Job Application for Newspaper Editor

Mr. Green Mill,
Falcon’s News Agency, Canada.

Subject: Job Application for Newspaper Editor

Dear Mr. Green,

I am writing to express my deepest interest to work in your organization as a Newspaper Editor about which you mentioned in your newspaper on 3rd December, 2014. I am a creative person having high command over technical and commercial writing, reading and typing skills. I have excellence over my knowledge which makes me able to work with your team .

I am attached with the News Agencies for a huge part of my life. Since 10 years I am in this circle. I have not only worked as a Editor in spite that  also worked as news reporter, journalist and marketing officer. I understand the entire thing actually. I know how to tackle social problems and maintain the standard of news. My knowledge would be an asset for you indeed.

For any further information of mine, give me a call at my given number. An interview would be the best choice. Many thanks for taking out your time and entertaining my application. Seeking towards a good response.

Yours Truly,

Neil Bohr.

Sample Job Application for Newspaper Editor
Sample Job Application for Newspaper Editor

Job Application for News Anchor

Sample format of Job Application for News Anchor. Easy template to be used for people and anchors who want to apply as newscasters in any channel. Can be used as a Cover Letter for News anchor. You can change this letter according to your need.

Sample Job Application Letter for Newscaster

The HR Manager,
Dawn News, Lahore.

Subject: Job Application for Newscaster

Dear Sir,

Through some reliable sources I have come to know about the vacancy of ‘News Anchor ’ is available in your prestigious organization. I have enclosed my resume along with documents and various visual recordings of mine. I am young and educated guy of 24 and I am in the field of media since last 4 years.I worked behind the camera for two years but after that I am on screen.  I have done my Bachelors in Media Studies from NCA and my Masters is in progress. I did diploma of Professional Anchoring from Uk.

I am recently working for Samma News Channel, and seeking for better opportunities and to give my life a boost  up. To work with organization like your would be my privilege. I have great and effective communication skills and fluent language abilities. I am confident person in front of camera with clear voice and photogenic too.

My keen interest is to join in your organization and work as an active team member. I will be a diligent person with critical working capabilities. I am punctual person with good attitude. I am capable to use my professional experience in my further life events. I would love working in challenging environment . Getting a chance would be great enough for me and for organizational growth.

I shall be looking forward a positive response.

Shahzeb Mehmood.
Newscaster, Samaa News.

Sample Job Application Letter for Newscaster
Sample Job Application Letter for Newscaster

Job Application for Journalist Sample

Sample format of  Job Application for Journalist. For people who want to apply anywhere as a journalist. Being journalist, means to get involved with media. By joining any news agency or any tv channel. One should mention his skills and qualification, show yourself to be an active and competent person. It can be used as a Cover Letter of Application for the Post of Journalist. 

Job Application Letter for Journalist

Mr. Zaheer Akbar
Media Coordinator,
The News, Lahore.

Subject:  Job Application for Journalist

Dear Sir,

I have seen your advertisement on internet and it was eye catching to me as I have same field of interest. I am Haider Ali and by profession a journalist. I did my Bachelors  and Masters in Journalism from Punjab University. This field have always been of great interest to me, and I always wanted to work as a journalist in an worthy firm like yours. I wrote up to you for applying against the respective post.

I am working with a reputed TV channel as a journalist and have experience of working as a reporter since three years. I am much involved in the field and I take my work as my passion. Enclosure contains my resume, you can have a view on that. I have also attended workshops on media studies and press reports. I do have good computer skills along with effective communication style.

I am an intended  and active person and if a chance is given to me I will prove myself to be the best contender. Having related qualification and experience as per your requirement I consider myself eligible for the post. My sincerity and devotion is reflection by my work. My skills would be an asset for you, for sure.I shall be looking forward to hear good from you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,

Haider Ali.

Job Application for Journalist
Job Application for Journalist

Importance Of Newspaper Reading

Newspapers play an important role in our life.They form an integral part of our everyday life. People never miss them. Reading newspapers is the first activity of the morning with most of the educated people.

Importance Of Reading Newspapers

Major Points:

1-Role of newspapers in our life and society.

2-Keep us updated with latest development

3-Pakistan newspapers

4-Kinds of newspapers

5-Role of newspapers in a society
6-Democracy and newspapers
7-Responsibility of the newspapers


Reading newspaper has become a regular habit with the people,with the spread of education and literacy,they are becoming more and more popular.Everybody is interested in them.Those who cannot read want them to be read.They listen them read with attention and interest.
Newspapers give us latest news of the home and the world.They provide us with news of everything.They are cheapest richest and most popular source of latest news. In this age of information, newspaper reading is a must.They increase knowledge and keep it updated.They inform the readers about the Government,Administration,Polices,Planning and other activities.They give information about what is happening in the world.They have interesting articles,stories,business news,advertisement,news about sports and games.They help in getting employment and jobs.Then there is a local news.There is something for everybody.They can be read anywhere,anytime.
In Pakistan, there is a variety of daily newspapers. They are published in Urdu, English, and other Pakistani regional languages. Their total circulation comes to lakhs of copies daily . The largest number of newspapers are published from Lahore followed by karachi. In Urdu are published the largest number of newspapers. In english there are about 20 daily newspapers. The Nation,The Times, The Post The News, The Dawn, the Forntier Post etc., are some of the best known English newspapers.
A newspaper can be regional,national or international newspapers occupy a very important place in a democratic country like Pakistan.They form an important link between government and the public.Public comes to know about government’s policies through them.They also keep the government informed of the reactions of the public,Thus they play a dual role.They help in increasing social awareness about social and national issues.They educate the public and help in removal of such evils as dowry,corruption,superstitions etc.Their free,frank and fearless reporting is necessary for the success of a democratic society.But biased and prejudiced reporting can be of great harm.They are the watchdog of democracy and human rights.Thus,they play a very constructive,social and political role.
Newspapers spread and promote patriotism and national feelings.They strengthen the bonds of  unity and integrity.They bring people more close to one another.They expose anti-social and anti-national elements.Many scandals and cases of corruption in high places in pakistan were brought to the public notice only because of them.They give expression to the grievances of the people and oblige the administration to redress them.They are a very powerful means of communication and mass media.We cannot think of life without them.
Newspapers carry great responsibility.Therefore,they have to be always truthful,alert and honest in their reporting.They have to play a constructive role. Bad,biased,and misleading news can create havoc.They should never be used as a means of selfish propaganda.It would mislead and misguide the readers.False and prejudiced reporting gives rise to rumours and harms national interests.Therefore,they should not be allowed to be owned by dishonest,selfish,and corrupt people. Highly sensational exaggerated and communal reporting is called yellow journalism.It poisons minds of the public and must be strictly checked.