Useful Activities during Covid-19

Useful Activities during Covid-19

Covid-19 . . . scary? Ahan! What to do? We are stuck in our homes, nothing to do, nothing to enjoy, just eat sleep, watch movies, dramas, and sleep again. This is the normal mindset of people these days. These days are difficult, no doubt, but just give it a thought that will you be hungry? Will your job will be taken from you? Would this covid-19 snatches from you, your living place? Are you be devoid of your relations? Friends? Family? If the answer is a big NO then be thankful to God, Almighty.

                 The situation is different, so must human activities take a new shape! Sharing is not caring nowadays, but Giving is caring, a new motto. There are a number of things that we are able to get our hands and the reason behind all these useful activities will be our betterment, betterment of the society or the community we are living in. Let’s begin with the amazing list of useful activities: Search for the needy people around you. The very obvious signal of identity for them is that they are not beggars. Now how to locate, identify such people? The answer is very simple, just check their behavior, try to look into their eyes, check their dressing, go to the shop where they are habitual of going, see their payment record, you will definitely find some debt on their heads. Try to pay their bills, send them meal, as a token of love and care. These little actions counts nothing on your part, but a truly big for them.

 Be engage in Online Library concept. Gathering is not allowed in physical boundaries and capacities, but having the young generation on board for making our future bright, hoard them for an interactive and fun-learning story telling platform. Your time will become money and love that you will ooze out from them.

DIY session. Look for the old rags, cuttings, shells, beddings, cardboards or whatever you have stored in your home. This is the right time to take out all that lovely trash and recycle it! Do It Yourself is a very productive idea, create new things out of old ones. Try it out, it will amaze you. Trust me!

 Teach yourself a new skill. Human beings love to progress, but sadly in materialistic things, money matters, their interest is doomed in, that is why they are always in a tension, competition and mentally preoccupied! Just stop this routine in these days and break the shackles of stress, come up with something new and interesting: do some mechanical course, learn stitching, sewing, knitting, dress designing, cooking, beading, painting, calligraphy, card making, preparing organizers for your shoes, underwear, jewelry and much more!

Learn a new language. Yes! You can learn any language free of cost and no matter how young or old you are, as far as you are eager to do something, learn something new, doors of opportunities can never be closed! Duo lingo is the very site where you can register yourself for any language course and believe me you will love to learn there!

 Make a kitchen garden. Fruits and vegetables are getting expensive day by day, so why not preparing a fertilizer and edibles at home! Sounds nice? Ok! Don’t throw away the peels of vegetables are fruits, rather collect them in a bucket half full of fertile soil/garden soil and half with these peels, add cow dung as well to get a rich source of ammonia naturally. Crack the see open, sow it in the damp soil and wait for the germination to take place. Onions are easy to grow, by and by go on garlic, red chilies, tomatoes and coriander. You can prepare pesticide naturally at home too. Search for the ideas from books, internet, and gardeners.

Spend time with family. Read a book together, have a tea together, enjoy lunch, dinner, and breakfast together. Togetherness is unity and unity is beauty. This beautiful unity will strengthen your family and add up color in your life too.

I hope, you would have chosen an activity out of these activities. Have Fun!

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