Sample Article on Bucket List of Wishes

Here is a Sample article on Bucket’s list of wishes.

Sample Article on Bucket’s List of Wishes.

Everybody has something that they want to do once in their lifetime. From attending a concert of your favorite artist to having a world tour, everybody has wishes they want to fulfill before they die. I have a big bucket list. Some of the things on my bucket list are very ordinary such as watching a sunset on the beach, traveling out of the country alone, and learning how to ride a bike. But some things are big shots and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fulfill them or not such as bungee jumping and visiting the inside of Buckingham Palace. 

People have all kinds of wishes they want to fulfill. The concept of a bucket list was introduced for people who were sick or ill and they knew that they had only a few months or years to survive. They would make a bucket list and their loved ones would try to help them fulfill everything they want to do before they die. Bucket lists are the dreams and aspirations that a person wants to achieve in a lifetime. Some people say that bucket lists are a waste of time but they are not. They can inspire a person to live their lives to the fullest and also motivate them to be better and do better in every aspect of life.

Bucket lists show that a person has goals and that he or she is ambitious enough to get to their goals. I, myself, have a long bucket list but something that is a major wish of mine is to travel to every country I ever wanted to go to. I love exploring new places, their traditions, their ways of living, their cultures, and their heritage. India is one of the main countries I would like to go to. India is rich in culture and traditions and has a majority of Hindu people who have a very different culture than ours. In Pakistan, not many Hindus can be seen and so their culture and traditions are not very prominent here.

In my opinion, I think that everyone should have a bucket list and they should try to do everything they wish for because life is nothing without goals and the feeling of achievement you feel when you fulfill your goal is unmatchable.


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