Request Application for Credit Transfer

I humbly request you to transfer my credits to another university. I will not be able to attend university and need to transfer to another one. Kindly take prompt action to prevent the delay of my degree completion. I will appreciate it if you guide me through the transfer procedure.

Request Application for Credit Transfer

Respected sir,

It is stated that I have been a student at your institution for a year. A few months ago, I applied for a student exchange program. You will be glad to know that I have been selected based on my academic record and co-curricular activities. I will now study for two semesters at the University of Alberta, Canada. It is my humble request to you to transfer my credits for these two semesters. The exchange program will be a fruitful addition to my academic life. I will get a chance to study at one of the highest-ranked universities in the world. Moreover, the courses they are offering for this program are quite suitable for my career. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I want to avail it. Kindly consider this request and guide me about the transfer policy. I will be much obliged.

Request for Transfer of Credit

Dear Sir,  I am writing this application to make a humble request for a prompt credit transfer. I have studied for four semesters of my BS biotechnology at your institute. Due to the transfer of my father to Karachi, I will not be able to attend the university in Lahore. Therefore, I decided to transfer to a university situated in Karachi. This is a very crucial situation for me. If I am unable to transfer to another university, my time will be wasted and I will not be able to continue my studies any sooner. I do not want this issue to affect my future or delay my degree. I have communicated with the officials at a university in Karachi and they are ready to offer admission to me. It will be extremely helpful if you transfer me as soon as possible. I will be very thankful for your consideration.


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