Application for College Leaving Certificate due to Failed in Exams

Application for college leaving certificate due to Failed in Exams. If any student wants to leave the college due to any reason he/she has to take his/her college leaving certificate from college administration. Easy Formats of application for requesting is provided below.

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Application for College Leaving Certificate due to Failed in Exams

The vice chancellor,
Learning College of Mathematics.

Subject: Application for College Leaving Certificate

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am John Cary student of this college and I enrolled in 1 st year Section-F, my roll number is 1147. Sir, it is to inform you that due to some personal issues of ours I was unable to focus my studies and my attendance was also short, resulting in my failure at college exams. Now my parents want me to discontinue my education due to my poor result. But I am planning to participate in exams privately for this instance I need my college leaving certificate issued by your institution. I hope that you will considerate upon my request and issue me college leaving certificate.
Sir my all academic dues are cleared. I am attaching the photocopies of slips with this application. I shall be obliged in this regard.

Yours Obediently,
John Cary
Date 6.6.2018

Request for Leaving Certificate due to Failure

The Principal,
American College of Social Sciences.

Subject: Application for College Leaving Certificate


With utmost respect and honor it is stated that I am student of first year, my major subject is applied Psychology in your college from 2017. It is to inform you that unfortunately I have been failed in my first year of college due to my poor performance in exams. For this, I have to leave to my college and I am not able to continue my studies
at your prestigious place. I was honored to be a student in this institution but I hope you can understand that my failure had made me to rethink, what subjects should I continue for my educational career. It is requested that kindly issue my college leaving certificate
as soon as possible so that, I can head towards other options regarding my educational field. I shall be highly beholden.

Thanking you ahead of time.

Yours Obediently,
Sara Smith.
Date: 6.6.2018

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