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Resignation Letter due to Marriage Format

Sample Resignation Letter due to Marriage Format. If any School/College/Academy/Tuition Teacher wants to resign from his/her post due to marriage he/she may use the provided format of resignation letter. If you are about to leave at you own use worthy words and pay gratitude to the school administration. Make your resignation letter simple and sophisticated. Easy format is provided below.

Resignation Letter due to Marriage Format

The Principal,
Cambridge School System.

Subject: Resignation Letter due to Marriage

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that, I am Tina Singh and serving this reputed institution at my best since last two years. I am here by submitting my resignation as I am going to marry in next month and protraction of job will not be possible for me. I venerate my working incumbency as a Science Teacher, we all considered Cambridge as our home and the atmosphere I had was friendly. Cambridge is one of the most dignified schools around the country. It was my privilege to be part of your team. Leaving the school is not that easy but I have to take the step under some circumstances as, a strong bond was developed among the teaching staff, students of many grades, administration. I am going to miss it all indeed. I want you to kindly accept my resignation from my current position, as official one month notice. I hope that you’ll arrange substitution teacher soon. I shall be beholden of this worthy experience I had, in which apart from teaching I learned as well.

Thanking you I remain.


Tina Singh.
Contact: 000-999-999.

Resignation Letter due to Marriage Format
Resignation Letter due to Marriage Format 

Sample Resignation Letter to Get Married

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will be leaving my designation after 30 days. I will complete my notice period and leave this position for someone else I am going to get married after a month, my life will take a turn and I have to be prepared for that.
Marriage is union of two individuals which mostly require sacrifices and I will be moving to Canada after marriage. I have extremely loved to be a part of this esteemed and acclaimed organization.
This organization has mold me into a more professional version of me and I have nothing but massive respect for it. Thank you.

Yours Truly,


Easy Format of Resignation Letter due to Marriage

The Managing Director,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Resignation Letter due to Marriage

Respected Sir,

I am writing to officially notify you about my resignation from the position of ‘Marketing Officer’ on which I was working with sincerity and dignity since 2012. The reason for resignation is nothing else than that of my marriage in upcoming month and I am relocating to Canada. Its a span of about 3 years and although I had to leave this job still I have a high opinion of the environment which I got. I really appreciate the opportunities which were provided to me while my stay in the organization. During my tenure I am well versed about the professionalism. I am really obliged for such a golden chance you guys provided to me. I am sure that in near future whenever I’ll back it would be tremendous for me to join your team back. The entire squad is doing great job and I wish good luck to the team at Falcon’s Association.

Thanking You I remain.


Amjad Khan
Marketing Officer.

Sample Resignation Letter due to Marriage

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you today to officially tender my resignation from———–effective 8th, April 2016 till 8th May, 2016 because I am getting married in two to three months time and need time for all the preparations.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about………….. about all the people I have encountered in my years of service with the company,and especially about you and all the others on the institute team. Your leadership has taken me all to new levels and i have appreciated all your personal and professional advice over the years.It is my hope that we will stay in touch as i begin this new chapter in my life.

Yours Respectfully,