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Sample Job Application for Pilot

Sample Job Application for Pilot Position. You can use this easy format according to your need. Necessary Changes can be done.

Job Application for Pilot Position

The Admiral Officer,
Alpha Bravo Charlie Company,
West Avenue, 304
United Kingdom.

Subject: Job application for Pilot in Air force

Respected Sir,

I am attracted in applying for the position of Pilot which you have posted recently in the newspaper. I have incorporated my Curriculum Vitae for your kind review. I recently completed my type-rating in the A360 with Training Trainers School. In totaling to the rating, I accomplished the program with 400 hours of First flight experience of flying at international routes. I have obtained all of my initial flight ratings from my school and now I am looking forward to creation the final step into the professional pilot showground. My qualifications are as follows:

700 Total Times

400 Second in Command

A360 Type Rating

Tri-Lingual and Bi-Cultural

I comprehend the true meaning of incomparable customer overhaul. I am very well familiar with the bang and accountability that each team member has on the overall efficacy and accomplishment of a company, and I believe in leading by paradigm. Having been with the same company for 10 years, I understand and keep in mind the significance of devotion and soundness towards the duty and its related needs. I also take great delight in my shelter record. As a seasoned pilot it is of the essence that I make certain that my work is concluded on time and exceeds all minimum standards.

I have excellent inter-personal skills, and a positive achieving attitude. My working background is diverse and so I feel my experience will prove to be a precious skill to your company. Thank you in press forward for your deliberation and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Jacob Fernendence,
13 th February, 2017

Job Application for Merchant Navy Officer

Job application for Merchant Navy Officer. If any candidate wants to apply in navy he can use this easy format of job application. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Job Application for Merchant Navy Officer

The in charge officer,
British Marine Company,
United Kingdom.

Subject: Job Application for Merchant Navy Officer

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is stated that I am highly trained Marine Engineer, I read your posting in the newspaper for a new Marine Engineer with interest. My experience aligns glowing with the qualifications you are seeking at Engineering for your company, in particular my role as Marine Engineer with Cranston Marine Engineering and I am convinced I would make a important
accumulation to your association.

With more than 13 years experience as a Marine Engineer, I am proficient in equipment continuance, procurement, and novel installations in the merchant industry. Moreover, while my on-the- job experience has afforded me a
well-formed skill set, including first-rate scheduling and problem solving abilities, I excel at:

? Maintaining extensive assortment of marine systems in the company.

? Overseeing pre-emptive preservation and on-board repairs in the company.

? Addressing failures during maneuver in the company.

? Keeping security standards high and training squad members.

In adding up to my experience and personal qualities, I have a hard educational foundation and fervor for marine engineering. I am tremendously eager about Engineering focus on charge competence and would reception the chance to donate to the reform of your operations and cost-effective planning for your outlook equipment requirements.

I had attached all the necessary documents with this application for your kind review. Please appraise my attached resume as well for additional details regarding my skill and career achievements. I will follow up to appeal an appointment to converse how my skill and background meets your needs. Thank you for your precious time and consideration. Looking forward to you for
your favourable action.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Nateel Watson O’Neil
13 th February, 2017