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Application for Leave Extension Sample

Sample Application format of Leave Extension for employees, teachers, students and various staff members. Sample of Application for maternity leave extension. Easy template to be used for employee in order to get your leave extended. Students also can use this application for various problems like leave extension due to exam, leave extension due to sister/brother marriage, application for leave extension from school. These formats can be used by people who are interested in getting leave extensions due to transfer of spouse overseas.

Application for Leave Extension Sample


The Chairman,


Respected Sir,

It is to bring in your consideration that I am Danielle is on an official leave for a week from office. As you know that I am here in Dubai for my brother’s engagement. With heavy heart, I am penning down this on paper that my father passed away. Due to this unanticipated and unexpected events, I have to extend my official leaves. It would be very understanding of you to extend my leaves till end of this month. This is really a sensitive and grave condition for whole of the family and we are still mourning over his death. Looking for your positive feed back.

Yours Faithful,


Easy format of Aplication for Leave Extension

The Director,
Al-Baraka Bank.

Subject: Application for Leave Extension

Respected Sir,

This is to inform that I am on official leave for a week i.e 1st June-7th June, 2015 as I have to see my mother in Canada. Unfortunately, she has gone through severe illness during these days and for her medication I have to stay here, for one week more. I understand that it would be hard to manage conditions for you but in this critical situation I am not able to join back. I have asked my Assistant to be responsible and furthermore, I will be in contact with him for all vital tasks. I’ll be back as soon as she will be in good state of health. I hope that you will cater the request.

Thanking you ahead of time.


Ahmad Khan
General Manager.

Maternity Leave Extension Request

To,                                                                           January 22, 2020
The General Manager / Manager HR,
Fatima Group,
Main Boulevard DHA,

Subject: Extension in Maternity Leave

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that I am on maternity leave, which are going to be finish on 30th January 2020. I am not in a condition to take over my duties. The doctors have advised me to take rest more ten days. It is therefore requested to extend my leave till 10th February 2020. The doctor’s prescriptions are annexed. I shall be very grateful to you for this kindness.

Your’s Truly,


Request Application for Extension in Leaves from Office

The Manager,
Airtel Company Ltd.
Mangalore, India.

Subject: leave extensions due to transfer of spouse overseas.

Respected Sir,

With due modesty and thankfulness it is to state that your gracious highness had granted me the leaves earlier as well for one year on the account of my husband transfer from Mangalore to Dubai. The reason of getting the leaves for another two years is now getting more serious as family issues and my spouse’s health is at stake over there. Managing the task here all on my own is very tiresome and dreadful as well.

Kindly consider the grave issues which I cannot disclose here but I am really in need of getting the leaves. Please grant me the leaves for two more years. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Arnav
December ,15, 2015

Application for Leave Extension Due to Family Problem

Date: 8th December, 2014

The Manager,
H.R Department.
Falcon’s Association, Lahore.

Subject: Application for leave extension

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am Hira Muaz working as H.R Assistant in this organization since last year 2013. It is stated that I submitted leave application of mine from 5th Dec, 2014 to 8th Dec, 2014 for  four days, due to some urgent personal issues. It is requested that I have come to know about death of my family relative, promptly. Kindly I request my leave extension  from four to five days, 5th Dec, 2014 to 9th Dec, 2014. This is really genuine problem of mine. I shall be highly obliged for this kind act.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Hira Muaz.
Assistant H.R.

Application  for Maternity Leave Extension

Date: 20th July, 2014

The Manager Accounts.
Falcon’s Association,

Subject: Leave Extension of Maternity Leave

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am Bushra Hameed, working as Assistant Accountant in this group. I want to inform that I am on my maternity leave and this period will come to an end in the next week. But, due to various circumstances, I am not in a good position of health and I will not be able to join office soon. Kindly I want my leave extension from three months to four months, 1st May, 2014 to 1st August, 2014. Its totally sudden and I am prescribed bed rest. I assure you that I will re-continue my job as soon as I will be healthy enough. Kindly it would be a huge favour if you will accommodate this. I shall be obliged.

Thanking you I remain.

Bushra Hameed.
Assistant Accountant.

Application for Maternity Leave Extension
Application for Maternity Leave Extension

Application Format for Leave Extension from School

The Principal,
Lahore Grammar School.

Respected Madam,

It is stated that I went Gujranwala to spend Eid holidays with  my grand parents and I have been granted leaves for one week. My  leave will come to end tomorrow, but unfortunately death  of   my grandfather has occurred. I regret to inform, but i will not be able to come to school for  the next week, Kindly grant  my leave extension for  next week. I shall  be very obliged to you.

Yours Obediently,

Sample Email to Extend Maternity Leave

Respected Madam,

Please be informed that, I am on maternity leave since One month starting from 24th May. My maternity leaves are going to end but, I am not medically perfect to join my job. My gynecologist has advised me to take bed rest of one week more so, I request you to kindly extend my maternity leaves. These holidays are very necessary for my health recovery. I will be very grateful to you.

Yours Sincerely,
Angeli Robert

Application for Medical Leave Extension Sample

20th October 2014.
Rana Sohail.
HR Manager,
Falcon’s Association.

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I am in need to extend my leave because of my personal health issues, another stone found in my kidney. Earlier this month, I requested you to grant leave for one week to remove stones from my kidney. The operation was successful and I was about to join office by this weak. Suddenly, I got pain and come to know that stones are not removed properly yet.

I will be undergoing another small surgery this coming weekend.I kindly request you to extend my leave for two week. It would be a huge favor if you consider it. I shall be obliged.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,
Arhama Waqar.

Sample Leave Extension Application

Mr. Shakeel Anwar
Chief Executive
Raja Corporation
Askari 10, Lahore

Dear sir,

I am on leave due to medical emergency after a road accident. The recovery of arm injury is slow and I am unable to do any thing from my arm yet. The doctor suggested  minimum one more week  rest. I am have already on one month leave and now requesting you to extend my medical leave. During this period I  will keep in touch with respective  department’s colleagues by Telephone for any urgent tasks.

Furthermore I will rejoin office  when I will feel  healthful  on 08- 07-2014. Please consider my request of leave extension I shall  be much oblige.

Sincerely yours,

Rahella Ashfaq
Marketing  Manager

Email for Extension of Leave Sample

Dr. Talley  Jacken
Manager Operations
My Pharmacy,

Dear Dr.Talley  Jacken ,

I am Hareem Malik Assistant Manager Operations in ‘My Pharmacy’ Dubai Branch. I was on leave of fifteen days to visit my homeland(Karachi Pakistan). Owing to flight schedule changes by Air Blue on account of weather conditions I would be a week late. I was to reach back on 20th March 2014 and according to new schedule I will be there on 27th March 2014 and join my office. I hope you will understand the circumstances and grant me leave extension.

Thanking you.


Hareem Malik.
Assistant Manager Operations.

Email for Extension of Leave Sample
Email for Extension of Leave Sample

Application for Leave Extension

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much respect and gratitude that I had taken leaves due to illness in hope of getting recovery in that time span, but I am still under observation and doctor advised me complete bed rest and for that reason I want leaves for one more month so that I can be fully recovered from the illness I am suffering from. I had attached all necessary documents with this application for your kind review and favourable action. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Hanery

Easy Format of Leave Extension

Elite Primary School,
Minnesota, USA.

Subject: request for extension of leave

Respected Sir,

It is humbly stated that I am a member of support staff in the IT department at your prestigious school. I have previously applied and been granted leave due to an injury I sustained while driving a car. In the original findings I was diagnosed with a sprain in the knee but when I failed to recover I was taken to the hospital again, further findings suggest that ligaments in my knee have been ruptured and I require rest to heal.

It is requested that my leave be extended for a period of three more weeks so that I do not face health issues in the future. I have been a dedicated employee at the school for the last seven years and wish to continue with my role as a staff member there.

Yours Truly,
Samuel Peter
14 th July, 2017.