Chief Procurement Officer Resume Sample

Sample resume for procurement distribution officer, chief procurement manager.You can use it for various jobs according to requirement. You can copy this CV from here and necessary changes can be done. Template of chief procurement officer resume sample is given.

Sample Resume for Procurement Manager

Lt Col ® Muhammad Ashfaq Khan

E- 3 Sir Syed Blvd DHA phase-3

Islamabad- Pakistan

Cell: (0092-333) 2173344


Eager to contribute to the growth of progressive organization with quality service to achieve responsible position in a dynamic organization which would enable me to Utilized all my experience, capabilities and offer a challenging and satisfying career with congenial Working environment and opportunities for learning and growth.

Professional Experience:

Admin & HRM(25 years experience in admin, supply, transport, procurement distribution and warehousing group of Pak Army) 

 Admin and HRM at executive levels which entail:-

25 years of army service directly dealing with the men & material in medium and large sized organizations.

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentations skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership and team building skills.
  • Self motivated and innovative with strong analytical and problem solving abilities.
  • Enhanced maturity & ability to track / monitor progress of implemented strategies.
  • Ability to prioritize the assignments.
  • Training, development, discipline and result oriented team management of large sized units and installations in the army.
  • Worked in Admin Wing of Pakistan Military Academy for more than two years as Assistant Director and managed affairs of over 2500 Cadets and 500 mess staff.
  • Selection of right staff and recruitments.
  • Arrange all the documents relating to promotion and development of manpower.
  • Submit all the payment requisition and keep the record of pay and allowances.
  • Check mails & follow up on daily basis.
  • Update all record daily.

Frontier Works Organization (FWO)

Three years experience of working with FWO as a Logistic Manager (Commanding Base Supply Depot) and responsible for :-

  • Indenting, invoicing and procurement of constructional material, rations, petroleum and lubs.
  • Transportations of all kind of material and machinery to the project sites.
  • Ensure quality, quantity, stock levels, management of ware houses / stores and efficient stock movement.
  • Admin and management of work force ie 200 men all ranks.
  • Supervision, admin and management of three Toll Plazas.
  • Liaison with NHA in connection with the Toll Plazas.
  • Indenting, invoicing and arranging hired transport for the mega projects.
  • Liaisons with the factories, contractors and logistic units for timely provision of material.
  • Conclusion & operation of contracts.
  • Updating the record daily and reporting to MD (Commander).

 Security / Military Police

Manager  Security, Protocol and Operations.

Military Police Officer qualified in Junior, Middle and Top Level Security Assignments.

  • Five years experience in security assignments and two years in Corps of Military Police in Sindh Region.
  • Worked in close coordination with Police, Rangers, Civil Administration and Revenue department.
  • Performed security assignments in peace and war locations of the units.
  • Being Military Police officer performed Protocol, Security and Investigative assignments at Sindh Corps (Karachi).
  • Also performed the duties of Chief Security Officer of the Corps Commander Sindh.
  • Protocol, traffic control and security duties of VIPs and VVIPs including President of Pakistan in close coordination with police and other security agencies.
  • Protocol, traffic control and security duties of foreign diplomats during IDEAS-2002 & IDEAS-2004.
  •  Worked with various security, public and private organizations.
  • Security of Military Installations at Malir (Karachi), Abbottabad and Jhelum Cantonments.
 Transport Management 

Qualified in Transport Management and Logistics.

 Nine years experience as Transport Manager (Company Commander) at Regional units and three years Transport Manager (Mechanical Transport Officer) at Corps Headquarters in the largest Corps of the army.

  • Responsible for smooth running and maintenance of vehicles.
  • Plan and arrange the spares of concerned section.
  • Manage large fleets of civil and army transport including documentation,  maintenance of vehicles and provision of oil and lubricants
  • Create a Booking Note ( All out going and in coming transport)
  • Documents submit to carrier for cargo / stores.
  • Information passes on to consignee and coordinates.
  • Update Booking and requisitioning of transport.
  • Arrival notice send to all concerned.
  • Arranging remittance where payments involved.
  • Handling Station Transport as Station Transport Officer.
  • Invoicing and indenting all army transport of the garrisons.
  • Handling Logistics and transport including heavy machinery of FWO.

Supply Chain, Procurement, Warehouse /Store Management

 Qualified in the field of procurement, stockade, storage, warehouse and supply chain management.

  • Manage large scaled warehouses in the army where thousands of tons of ration items like wheat, sugar, edible oils POL etc were stored.
  • Ensure quality, quantity, stock levels and efficient stock movement.
  • Security, maintenance, preservation and timely test sampling of these warehouses were the challenging tasks performed.
  • More than ten years diversified experience at different stations in Pakistan.
  • (1) Jhelum Supply Area    where 50,000 troops were dependent including Jhelum, Mangla, Mirpur and Chakwal areas. All type of Supplies/ Warehouses were managed directly.
  • (2) At Havelian Base Depot   while working with FWO as supply chain manager, was directly responsible for provision of all types of supplies including construction material and petroleum for their mega projects.
  • (3) At Malir Garrison (Karachi)   as Director Supply Chain (Commander), was responsible for procurement, provision, warehousing and transportation of all types of ration stores for 25,000 troops at garrison and large number of troops at Army level. Managed the longest supply chain from Karachi Port to all stations of Pakistan including Northern Areas and Operation Al-Mezan (Waziristan area).
  • (4( Hilal Food Compliance During the supply chain management at above mentioned stations, performed the task of provisioning Hilal Meat product for 25000-30000 army troops on daily basis. Quality control of meat products from live stocks i.e cattle/animals, their slaughtering as per “Sharia Law” and distribution was directly managed.
  • (5) Pakistan Military Academy  Management (contracting, procurement, distribution, warehousing and catering) of eight Gentleman Cadet’s Messes (Strength 2500) while working at an executive post of Admin Wing of Academy.  
 Land Acquisition, Litigation and Court Matters 

Served as Estate Officer Pakistan Military Academy Kakul for two years and supervised:-


  • Acquisition of lands.
  • Negotiations of land prices.
  • Coordination with land owners and Revenue department.
  • Attending / dealing litigation & Court Cases.



Academic Qualification:
 Here are education and courses details:

Military Education
MA Economics. Basic Security  Course (Weapons)
 MBA (HRM)  Security planning and implementation (Tactics)
Medium and Small Entrepreneurship diploma from NUML. Security, Investigation and Criminology (Military Police Course)
Information Technology Diploma from Beacon House Informatics. Transport Management Course
Member Chartered Institute of Logistic and Transport (UK). Supply Chain Management Course
Diploma in Logistic and Transport CILT (UK) Animal Transport Management Course 
Misc Computer Courses Middle level Security & HRM (Junior Staff Course)
  Middle Level Admin & Supply Chain Management.(Mid Career)
  Top Level Admin, Security,  Supply Transport Management (Command Course)


 Computer Skills: 

Can work with all operating software

Can work with all Ms Office versions

-Can work in Climax Software (Import & Export)

Can work in Adobe Photoshop CS.

Vast knowledge about Internet and e-mails

 Personal Information:

Father’s Name : Qalandar Khan Abbasi

  • Date of Birth : 01st Dec, 1965
  • I.C No. :  42301-7598496-3
  • Religion :  Islam
  • Marital Status :  Married
  • Nationality :  Pakistani


    Will be furnished on demand.








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