Instander APK v18.0 – Download Official for Android (2024)

Instander, an InstaMod, enables users to effortlessly download high-quality photos, videos, IGTV, and reels. Additionally, it introduces exclusive features such as No Ads, Copy Bio, Copy Comments, Copy Description, and more for an enhanced Instagram experience.


Insta Pro stands out as one of the top global social networks, serving as a primary source of online entertainment for me. It offers firsthand posts from my favorite celebrities and influencers, delivering the entertaining content I crave. Additionally, I can share my life moments with friends and followers while experiencing theirs through stories.

Yet, similar to various social platforms, Instagram has some minor user-experience features missing. To address this, developers create their own versions of these applications, and the Instander APK emerges as the most promising alternative for Instagram.

What is an Instander APK?

The Instander serves as an Instamod tailored for Android devices, addressing various challenges faced by Instagram users. This application provides an alternative platform to access your Instagram account, surpassing the limitations of the standard IG application. In exchange, users enjoy an unparalleled social experience, unlocking remarkable features not available in the official app.

Crafted by the developer thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov), the application prioritizes safety, ensuring users a secure browsing experience without the risk of being banned for utilizing mods. It comes equipped with robust anti-ban properties, adding an extra layer of protection to users.

What is the difference between Clone & UnClone?

The developer designed both of these applications with identical features. The sole distinction lies in their package names, allowing the installation of two separate Insta apps on a single Android device.

The Clone version features the package name and can be effortlessly installed as a standalone application.

On the other hand, the Unclone version bears the package name com.insta, requiring the removal of the original Instagrambefore achieving a successful installation.


Download Pictures and Videos

I’m a huge fan of hilarious vines, and Instagram happens to be my go-to source for these online videos. It usually fulfills my cravings for memes and vines, but the satisfaction is short-lived when I attempt to download these amusing images and videos to my device. Third-party downloaders, while convenient, often disappoint with frequent ads and unnecessary storage consumption on the device.

Instander APK not only allows you to download images and videos and store them on your device but also provides the option to replace the original application, saving valuable space while serving as the primary platform for accessing your IG account. As you navigate through the network, whenever you encounter something you like, a simple tap on the download icon beneath the desired file lets you save it to your smartphone hassle-free.

Instander Hide Stories from List

To maintain my privacy and keep my stories away from prying eyes, I occasionally opt to conceal them from individuals I believe may not handle the content appropriately. With the Instander app, I have the ability to hide specific photos and videos intended for my stories, including live videos, from selected individuals of my choice. This means I can freely share the content I want, as long as it aligns with the app’s terms and conditions, allowing me to enjoy creating my posts while ensuring only the chosen few get to enjoy watching them.

Save Story to Archive

If your device is running low on storage and you’re unable to download and save additional pictures and videos, you can activate this feature to automatically store photos and videos in your archive. This way, you won’t have to view them on your phone.

Furthermore, enabling this feature adds an extra layer of privacy. Since your account is accessible only with a password, unauthorized users won’t be able to access these photos on your device.

Additionally, the option to save live videos to the archive allows you to keep your live videos stored for 30 days, visible only to you.

Instander has No Advertisements

Occasionally, as you scroll through your Instagram Pro Apk Download feed, you come across sponsored ads that might be challenging to disable from the feed. These ads, whether videos or images, consume data when played, similar to regular videos.

With the installation of the Instander app on your Android device, you gain access to an ad-free platform, letting you focus solely on the content that matters to you. The option to disable ads can be found in the privacy settings.

Donate to get verified

Let’s clarify that I’m not referring to the official Instagram verification badge. However, if you choose to download and appreciate the app, you have the opportunity to contribute to the developer as a gesture of support for the cause. In return, you’ll receive verification as an Instander supporter.

This distinctive badge will only be visible to fellow Instander users. The process is straightforward: make a donation to the developer through a method that suits you, comment with your username, and send both the transaction screenshot and your username via the provided email. Afterward, you’ll need to await the verification badge.

Discover People

Your potential soulmate might just be a DM away, already present in your contact list. By following individuals with active Instagram accounts from your contacts, you have the chance to explore their stories and learn more about their lives.

Final Words

As lively and thrilling as an app can be, it often comes with certain limitations that hinder users from enjoying the best online experience. Mods, such as the Instander APK, have the potential to elevate your Instagram experience into a unique and personalized lifestyle. Embrace the opportunity by downloading the app today and start sharing incredible content using some of the most sought-after social media features available online.

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