5 AI-Based Tools That Can Help You In Making An Outstanding Resume

Resume writing is an important skill that can help you land a good job. The resume is a document that chronicles your skills and experience in a concise and attractive format. A typical resume contains your contact information, your education, certificates, achievements, and job experience. 

The way you present this information to the reader makes a lot of difference whether you get hired or not. Today, we are going to look at some tools that can help you improve the writing quality of your resume.

By using these tools, you can ensure that your resume will generate some positive interest and help you get hired for a good job.

5 Tools for Helping You Write a Resume:

The tools we are going to discuss are all AI-powered. That puts them leagues above normal tools regarding accuracy and function. Let’s take a look at them and see how they perform. 

  1. Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online is a freemium paraphrasing tool that can rephrase your given context. It can help you write an outstanding resume by providing great suggestions on how to improve your writing. 

This paraphraser can change any given text by replacing words and phrases with their synonyms. But it does so by keeping the readability and uniqueness in perspective.

As you can see in the image, the Sentence Rephraser mode of Paraphrase Online was able to make our intro paragraph a little more readable. By using more impactful words, it was also able to make it more interesting and grab the attention of the readers. This AI tool can rephrase your given content with effective synonyms words.

These two qualities are mandatory for an outstanding resume. The more readable it is, the less brain power the recruiter has to expend. The more interesting it is, the more the recruiter will be willing to read it.

  1. Bard 

Bard is an AI tool released by Google. This tool has it all. It can manipulate text and provide the latest data on anything that you can find on Google, all in one interface. Short of formatting, you can do anything with this tool for your resume.

For example, you can ask Bard if you want tips on writing a resume. The board will give you a list of things you can do to improve your resume. Just take a look at this image to get an idea.

You can ask it to make the tips more actionable or specific as well. You can also ask for advice on specific companies and what kind of resumes they prefer. This AI-powered tool will find the latest info and give it to you in a concise way.

  1. Bing AI

Bing AI is the older brother of Bard and, as such, comes with more features as well. Just like Bard, it is an AI chatbot that can collect the latest data from the Bing search engine and provide it to you in a concise way. 

But that’s not all it can do. If you use the Edge browser, you will notice that Bing AI has its icon in the right-hand sidebar. This version of Bing AI has a “compose” function. This function channels the power of Bing AI to write content about any prompt that you give. 

You can use this function to create specific parts of your resume. Of course, it can do everything Bard can, so you can ask for advice on specific companies and how they handle their resumes. That information will help you tailor your CV to fit the company and make them more likely to hire you.

  1. Grammar Check

Grammar Check is a free grammar checker powered by AI. It can detect context-sensitive grammar mistakes and provide the necessary corrections for them. Resumes cannot have any grammar mistakes. A grammar mistake in a resume paints you in a terrible light. It tells the recruiters that you are not even disciplined enough to proofread your resume.

Grammar mistakes can occur randomly. That’s why proofreading is so important. With Grammar Check, you can rest your worries and ensure your resume is spotless. This tool detects all grammar mistakes and underlines them with colorful lines to make them easy to spot. Users can click on them to see the corrections in real-time and apply them to the text.

You can also choose to apply all corrections at once using the “apply all” icon (green icon with three ticks). Just make sure to read the resume once again to ensure there are no problems.

  1. EditPad

EditPad is a platform that provides various tools for content optimization. One of its greatest offerings is the plagiarism checker. The thing about resumes is that they need to be unique. 

The more unique they are, the better they stand out from the pile of other resumes. So, after you are done writing your resume, check it for uniqueness with this free plagiarism checker.

This plagiarism checker can scour the internet to find any content that is remotely similar to that present in your resume. If it does find it, provide the link to the source so you can see for yourself how true that is. 

The reports generated by this tool are quite accurate so you can be sure that your resume is truly unique when no plagiarism is found.


So, these free and freemium tools that are powered by AI can help you write a great resume that is easy to read, unique, free of errors, and, most importantly, relevant and interesting. Utilize these tools to your advantage and land a great job with a solid resume.

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