Vaccine for COVID-19

Vaccine for COVID-19


Many drugs and treatment strategies have been suggested for COVID-19 but they are not 100 percent effective. COVID-19 vaccine is the ultimate solution. A number of vaccines are being produced worldwide while some are in the phase of clinical trials.
Different companies and institutes are working to find the vaccine that has maximum efficacy and minimum side effects. Companies are taking different approaches for making the vaccine.

Nature of vaccines for COVID-19

Vaccines are divided in various types depending on the virus and immune system. At present, the vaccines that are undergoing clinical trial or are in preclinical stage include various types. University of Oxford is recently running trials on a vaccine that is based on non-replicating viral vector. Similarly, a university in Belgium and Pasteur Institute in France are in preclinical phase of testing their replicating viral vector vaccine. An American company” Moderna” is working on an RNA virus vaccine. These viruses have been successful in the past and are efficiently produced. DNA virus vaccines on the other hand, provide long term immunity and are comparatively inexpensive.
Apart from these, COVID-19 vaccines are also being produced by using inactivated form of the corona virus. Several doses of these vaccines are required to gain the immune response. Contrary to this, live attenuated virus vaccines are also being designed. These vaccines will use weakened viruses to produce fast immune response in human body with few doses.

COVID-19 vaccine: Sole treatment for Corona Virus:

Many treatment strategies are being utilized to get rid of the virus but they all have their own limitations. BCG vaccine has been tested against COVID-19 with no satisfactory results. Similarly, hydroxychloroquine has also proven to be ineffective against this virus. Thus, the fate of corona virus depends on the manufacture of COVID-19 vaccine.


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