New Course Announcement Letter

Sample New Course Announcement Letter. Announce Training Sessions with the Letter. Announcement of the new courses and training sessions can be done with notices. According to course or trainings announcement letter can be changed.

New Course Announcement Letter

Literature Department

Subject: Announcement of new courses

Dear Students,

It has come to our knowledge that some of your peers wish to learn from other disciplines as well. We have also been briefed about the shared areas of interest and overlapping subject areas with
other disciplines from humanities and art. It is in this light that the department has taken the initiative of launching ten new courses. These courses will be taught by members of Literature faculty but will be assisted by or may include as an assistant members of other departments such as Music or Dramatics.

The choice of joining these courses is an independent one and you are free to pick and choose. The courses will follow the same assessment criteria as other core course. We hope you will cooperate with the guest and assistant members of the staff and faculty and make this effort a success.

Best Regards,

Head of Department
Jinnah University
3 rd April, 2016.

Short Course Announcement Letter

Mr. Gorge
345 Feroz Block
Lahore, Pakistan

Subject: Announcement of short courses

Dear Sir,

We hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. We are delighted to bring a new opportunity to you, one of our most loyal admirers. This summer we are launching a new series of short courses aimed at rejuvenating the things we ordinarily dismiss as insignificant. The range of areas and subjects covered is vast and interesting. The courses will be from literary subjects such as Psychology or Literature but may also include designing and craftwork.
We believe every one of us always wishes to learn and it is with this idea in mind that we are offering an opportunity irrespective of background knowledge and fields of work or study. We hope you will share our belief and motivation. We hope to hear from you soon. Attached with this letter is a detail of the course list.

Best Regards,

Evergreen College
9 th May, 2016.

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