Death Announcement Letter of Higher Management

Sample death announcement letter of higher management. Deaths are the saddest moments of human as well as animals and plants as they mourn for their loved ones and missed them after their departure to new and eternal homes. Deaths announcements are necessary to made as to sift many monetary issues related to the dead ones. This format can help the needy in their need.

Sample Death Announcement Letter of Higher Management

The Staff members,
Jasmine School System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Death Announcement of Higher Management

Respected Sir,

I hope all are here in this meeting hall. We are here for the departing soul who was once alive and part of our team. Mr. John Sidney joined our company in 2010 in the month of October and after serving us with his undaunted and unprecedented commitments and passion for work, he left us in just exactly 7 years! The date of his joining and leaving us for good is same that is 1 st October!

He was no doubt an exemplary person for us as he seldom took off from his work. I now wonder from where he got all the energy to work for ten hours per day in so old an age! He must be blessed with abundant power and passion from our Lord. We will always remember him in our good words.

On this extremely sad day, we, the higher authorities decided to give one hour off so that we all join his funeral possession and put candle and flower on his grave. We also coined $60000 for his grieving family although money can’t replace what was taken from them, but at least it can wipe few tears from their sad faces . Thank you for your attention and gathering here in time. Thanking in anticipation.
Administrative Staff,
1 st October, 2017.

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