Business Closing Letter to Employees

These letters are by an Owner/Employer of the cafe who is shutting down his cafe due to his job obligation. All businessman can use these format if they want to close business and inform there employees.

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Business Closing Letter to Employees

Dear Employees,

I regret to inform you all about this news that I have decided to close my business of cafe. I had to take this decision with very heavy heart as I have invested a lot of time and money into making this dream into a reality. As you all are aware that I have been working in a consultancy company and they have decided to move me to the United States of America.
Therefore, it is mandatory for me to leave my every job or any side business that I am currently running. I would like to thank all of my employees who have worked so hard and passionately into making this small cafe into huge success in such a short time. I will always
be proud of my hired employees as my selection was impeccable and I was lucky enough to have this bunch of talented employees. It was wonderful time with all of you. Gracias.

Warm Regards,


This is by owner of call center about winding up his business due to loss in business.

Business Windup Letter by Employer

Dear Employees,

This letter is written to inform you about a news. I hope that you all will be able to take it in an optimistic way and understand my condition. I have decided to windup my business of call center. As recently, I contracted with a US based company and given them work of 3 weeks which ended up in a fraud. That resulted into a big loss and all the resources of that work I had to pay from my pocket. Due to these inconveniences, I have decided to windup my business for good now. It does not mean that I find any flaw in my employees of any category. I appreciate my employees who have worked hard and worked on extra shifts. I am pretty sure that all of my employees are capable enough to pave their paths elsewhere in future. I wish you all very good luck for the future.

Best Wishes,


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