Experience Letter for Internship

Sample Experience Letter for Internship.  If any student has completed his/her volunteer programme in any organization he/she need to get an experience letter in regard of its completion. Showing the skills and working tenure of intern within organization. Easy format is provided below.

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Experience Letter for Internship

3rd September, 2015


This letter is to certify that Mr. Ravi Mehta has successfully completed his internship program of 6 weeks with Holidays Inn. His internship tenure was from 1st July, 2015 to 9th August, 2015. He was working with HR Department and was actively & diligently involved in the projects and tasks assigned to him.

During the span, we found him punctual and hardworking person. His learning powers are good and he picks up swiftly. His feedback and evaluation proved that he learned keenly. Moreover, his interpersonal and communication skills are brilliant.

We wish him a bright future.


Manager HR,
Holidays Inn.

Experience Letter for Internship
Experience Letter for Internship

Easy Format of Experience Letter for Internship

10th August, 2015


This is to certify that Miss Sara Baig D/O Ahmad Raza Baig holder of CNIC# 35000-0000000-0 has successfully completed her Internship from 1st July, 2015 to 1st August, 2015 in our HR Department. During the course of her internship we found her able and a highly motivated employee. We wish her best of luck for future endeavors.


Manager HR.
Falcon’s Association.

Reference Letter for Volunteer

                             To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Izhan Hamza was a volunteer at The Roshni Institute for both the summers of 2013 and 2014. Izhan Hamza was the group leader of his respective group on both occasions and raised a cumulative amount of 1 Million PKR, for which the institution is extremely thankful. This feat granted him the title of “BEST Volunteer” on both occasions. We wish Izhan the best for his future he has indeed been a valuable asset to our institution, as I am sure he will continue to be at Aga Khan University.

Izhan aforementioned internships spanned a time period of 6 weeks, in which he had to complete an hour requirement of 136 hours, which he did in full.

Ms Saima Jillani
Marketing Manager
Resource Department
Tel: 042-35899252. Email: saimagillani@gmail.com

Experience Letter for Volunteer

                                                 To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Rumassah Anjum Chohan has been working as a volunteer at Roshni Foundation from 2014-2015 onwards. At Roshni Foundation we aim to provide special children with education & training facilities to enhance their capabilities and rehabilitate them in the society.

During Rumassah’s time here we have found her to be a committed, responsible and trustworthy member of the community. She has stood out by her eagerness to engage herself with children with disabilities in a creative environment. Rumassah has established a personal relation with the children of her class, thus developing a strong sense of responsibility to cater to the needs of others. Her involvement with the younger students (aged 5-9 years) has displayed a sense of leadership by conducting a one on one interactive session with a group of children. Rumassah has shown a good balance between discipline and care in her dealings with the children which have progressed into a more positive influence on those around her.

Other than contributing an optimistic attitude to the classroom, Rumassah has been a helpful aide to the teachers, co-operating with them in class activities and playing an active part in our social events, such as the recent Eid Milan party. Her dedication to the children seen in her hands-on approach to different issues has shown her true capability in classroom management. Furthermore, she has proven that even in the toughest of situations she is confident of herself, always on her toes willing to work and learn.

Due to her positive approach and professional grab over any assigned task, Rumassah is always a source of pride for us all. We know she will contribute a great part in the success of any institution she joins and wish her the best of luck in her future.


Roshni Foundation
Lahore Pakistan
Phone No:

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