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Sample Welcome/ Introductory Mail for new Employee

Sample Welcome/ Introductory Mail Format for new employee. Early and alluring words are the key notes of welcome notes in honour of the new employee so that he may feel encouraged to join and work in the company with all his hearts. This format can be used by persons who wanted to mark their impression on employees by the words they utter!

Sample Welcome Mail for new Employee

To: Ms. Jones Partial

Subject: Welcome to our Software Company

Hello from my side and a very good day for now and ahead of you! It is no matter an immense pleasure to see the people like you who are willing to join the software company of ours. We encourage your talent of sharing your knowledge and energies with others through their work and performance! It is a good step towards self-development as well as social development on which the pillars of any nation stand progressively.

I am much delighted to have you as part of my team. You are, no doubt, would be a fresh and varied personality who is going to be engaged in your software management team. You are the young blood of our nation and it is you who are going to step in our shoes in the time to come! Keeping you circulated the reasonable amount of motivation and encouragement is very much needed and I am here to play my part of being outgrowth for your goodness and higher morale.

We had arranged a small tea party in your honour and expecting your arrival at 5:00 Pm sharp by tomorrow. I hope you will perform your duties very well and enjoy in the congenial atmosphere of this organization so far your stay over here with them. My best regards and wishes are always with you. May God bless you.

Best Wishes with Love.

Manager HR

Sample Welcome Mail for new Employee
Sample Welcome Mail for new Employee

Welcome Letter For New Members

Sample welcome letter to join the globe network cause. Its a format letter for internship program. It can also used as sample letter of thanks for internship. For the organizers like WWF- Pakistan, Shoukat Khanam Hospital, Rising Sun Institute, Roshni Association, Hamza Foundation, etc. Thanks from organizer’s side to the volunteers for being the part of cause. Giving them a warm welcome. Thanks letter or welcome letter to interns from management.

Welcome  Letter For Interns

Dear Eco Intern,

Congratulations on becoming a member of WWF- Pakistan. You are now supporting the world’s leading conversation organization and helping  preserve Pakistan’s unique natural resources.

As a member you are directly supporting WWF- Pakistan’s aims and conversation projects. You have also joined a global network of over five million like minded people who are willing to make a difference.

We at WWF- Pakistan encourage you to become an active member, use our resource centers, interact with our staff, volunteer and attend our events. Membership will provide you with opportunities to develop and positively change the future of our diverse and beautiful country. If you become a part of WWF membership you will enjoy the different  benefits.

If you have any queries regarding your membership, please do not hesitate to contact our office or email us on membership@ wwf.org.pk. We appreciate your concern and effort to work for the betterment of our environment. Keep supporting WWF’s mission and help ensure that our beautiful planet stays beautiful, forever.


Eco Internship Program
WWF- Pakistan
Head Office

Welcome  Letter For Summer Internship


Dear Intern,

This is to say you a warm word of welcome, to your new summer internship program of 2014 in __________ institution. We cordially want to welcome you guys to this session.Now its your time to be a part of our team, enjoy and learn.

The outcomings would be the greatest learning of this program. It will definitely help you in your practical and professional life. You will be surrounded with new environment and will get chance to interact, to cope up and to take interest in the aim for what you will be here.

You must have to follow the dressing code, timings and ethics of here. Try to be the best internee for awards and don’t hesitate in contacting us if you find any query. We are glad to find such precious people as interns in our organization.

We hope that you will make repute of you & your own institutions as well.

Best Wishes,