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Leave Application due to Covid-19



The Chairman,

 Nicole Toffler High School,

 California, United States of America.

 Subject: Leave application due to covid-19:

 Respected Sir,

                        How are you? I hope you will be in the best of health in your current life and you may never face the cruelty of fate in relation to everything you owe and every person that matters the most to you!  Covid-19 has hit the world with an iron hand, still progressing on grinding the lives of many and many around the world. The developed and developing are standing with each other and facing the sad situation: watching the death of oir loved ones, losing jobs as downsizing is at its peak, people are suffering from financial mayhem, private lives are disturbed utmost, travelling is banned, lockdown ate up almost every happy moment! Sir, the world is witnessing the terrible plight of India. I am an Indian, as you know, my family is in critical situation and I cannot see them like this!

          I am needing 2 months leave from my work in order to facilitate my family. They are running out of male members, the young ones, especially, our women are crying, people are not listening or paying heed to their cries….. No bed is available for them in hospital and they are not in a state to manage all the things on their own. I am an eldest son of my parents and handy in dealing with multiple crisis. My presence over there means a lot to them as I will provide them moral support, positivity, hope for life and will manage whatever they want to. I also want to put forward my grief on the dead ones, my condolence is due.

              In my absence, Mr. Tom Tornado will look after my classes, I have informed my Wing in charge about my situation and the leaves desired for that period, she had sanctioned me leaves on her behalf, but I need your signature and go ahead sign to book my tickets. The remaining tasks will be accomplished once I board again to California, so you don’t need to worry much about the work, the assignments, parent concern and the other related duties. I hope you will understand my situation and grant me the desired leaves. Thanking in anticipation for favorable and prompt action.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Vivo Borzoi,

English Teacher, 26th May, 2021.