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Marriage Invite Letter

These sample letters can be used by employers, managers, employees to invite their co-workers, bosses, and subordinates to their wedding. You can change the names, situations, and other information as per your needs.

Marriage Invite Letter

Mr. Daud,

44 T Gulberg 2, LHR,

Subject: To the boss by the employee

Respected Sir,

I am Hammad Sheikh working in your company in the human resource department since 2017. Through these years under your influence and guidance, I have grown so much. Your concern for all of us has helped us a lot to grow in our professional paths. Now that I am getting married this month I want your presence on a very important day of my personal life too.

I will be delighted and thankful if you join and bless us as a couple as I look up to you in my life it will mean so much to me. Please bless our ceremony with your company and time.

Venue:  Nishat Hotels. ( venue of choice)

Date: 19th September 2020. ( Actual date)

Yours Sincerely,

Hammad Sheikh.

Sample Marriage Invite Letter

To Manager,

Hillston and Company,

Subject: To manager by an employee

Dear Sir,

I am Rabia Mansoor been working under you since 2019 in the management department. Working with you has taught me great compassion and skills and I have been doing great in my life. With all this, I got my wedding date fixed for next month. I am very excited and thrilled and wanted you to join my ceremony as my mentor along with your family.

It will be an honor to have you on my big day. Looking forward to you accepting and accompanying. I will always remember if you join and bless us with your time.

Venue: (of choice)

Date: (of choice)

Rabia Mansoor.

Easy Format of Marriage Invitation  Letter

To the Principal,

City Public School,

Subject: By teacher to the school principal

Dear ma’am,

I am Sana Khan working as a teacher for 3 classes in your school since 2015. We both shared a very respectful and healthy relationship throughout this journey and developed mutual likeliness for each other. You have helped me a lot with my job always and always guided all of us being a friend.

I have my wedding coming up next week on Saturday the 12th of this month at PC hotels. I am very happy and excited to start this new journey. So, I wanted to invite you along with your family to join us and be a part of our big day. I will be very thankful if you make time for this.

Sana Khan.

Marriage Invite Letter

To Ali Khan,

Production department,

Subject: By employer

Dear Ali,

I hope you are doing great these days. I am writing this to reveal and invite you to my wedding that has been fixed for the 11th of this month at Queen’s resort. We both have been working together in this company and I was always very happy to work with you and let you be a part of this company as you add real value to it. You have always made me very proud and satisfied with you along with our friendship that has evolved too. So, I would like you to join me on my happy day so we can have a good time together.

I would be thankful and delighted if you come.


Asif Mehmood.