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Thank You Letter for Participants in Iftar Dinner

Sample thanks letter for donors or participants they had joined the if- tar fundraising dinner their participation was source of encouragement of all team members as well as management. This is sample format of thanks letter necessary changes can  be done.


Thanks Letter For Participation in Event


Subject: Thanks Letter For Participation

Dear Sir,
I, on behalf of [company] thank you for sparing your precious time for the [purpose] of [company] on Saturday 28th July, 2012 at [Venue]. Your kind participation gave us a great opportunity to share our endeavors and efforts with you. Meanwhile it gave an endless pleasure and encouragement to these special children who need nothing more than your cooperation, attention and love. May Allah (S.W.T) bless your exertions in His way.
I hope that your kind support will keep us accompanying to help these blessed children of [company]. You are a beacon of light that enlightens the lives of scores of such children by holding their hands and encouraging them to feel more confident.
It is an honor that you trust us and provides us immense opportunities to help these sprites to prosper and succeed. We assure you that your cooperation will bring a positive change in their lives and this change will help them to become a contributing part of the nation.
May Allah shower His abundant blessing upon you and your family.
Your Name



Thank You Letter for Participants

Dear Sir/Madam,
The Hamza Foundation thanks you for taking the time out of your precious, packed routines and spending it with Blind Children of [company]. You attending our Iftar Dinner, at Royal Palm Country and Golf Club on Saturday the 28th of July mean to us a lot.
All of us were greatly warmed by your presence. It graced the event, indeed. It was incredibly generous of you to spend an evening with us and step into our world. We hope the experience was heart-warming and mystical.
Nonetheless, we hope and aspire that you will be a support in the following years to come too. You are a ray of light that enlightens the lives of our special children. By holding hands with them and welcoming them, you have made them feel confident than ever and nothing is more important.
It would be a pleasure for us if you would continue with your assistance to help [company] grow, prosper and touch the lives of special children all across Pakistan. Their right is your responsibility and for fulfilling it as a human with such vigilance, we thank you. After all, the human race would not exactly be called a race if we all just slow down once in a blue moon to wait for others to catch up with us at their own pace.
Insha Allah, your reward lies with and shall be granted to you by your Lord, Allah The Almighty.

Letter of Thanks Sample

Sample Letter of Thanks for Donors, they did not join our fundraising event but their support always being with us. Due to some problem if they would not join our event but they have sent us their contribution in the form of cash or cheque. It is a great help of our organization. Its a sample format of thanks letter for non participants donors or those donors, they had attended event ,function or fund raising dinner for noble cause and spend the precious time.

Thanks Letter for Absentees or Non-Participants Donors


Dear Sir/Madam,
We, here at the [company] felt your absence on the 28th of July, Saturday, at the Royal Palm Country Golf Club. The fund raising event was inevitable in order to accumulate in order to carry out all the high quality services that we offer here at the institute. No delaying was possible either. Although, we completely understand why you were unable to show up. We all have places to be and our own commitments. It’s very understandable.
We all wish to thank you for being a part of Hamza Foundation anyway. Your support is a huge favor for us. It would have been immense pleasure if you would be able to join us.It is an honour in its own. We also desire and aspire for you to be able to join hands with us and attend any further upcoming events, we will feel obliged.
Furthermore, after the school re-opens, after the 28th of august you are welcome to visit the school any time you want and drop in charity, if you wish to bind the future of our children brighter, better and securer. Still you are considered valuable among us. Our doors will always be open. We welcome assistance in all forms.
Thank you.

Letter of Thanks Sample
Letter of Thanks Sample

Thanks Letter for Business Partnership

Sample thanks letter for Business Partnership to accept the business purposeful request .Its a format letter for partnership or join the business. It can be used as business partnership letter.You can change necessary requirements like name, company name, address  and make it as template thanks letter of business Partnership.

Thanks Letter for Business Partnership


Date: 4th August,2014
Flyvo  Organization,

Subject :Thanks Letter for Business Partnership

Dear Sir,
Teflo Group of companies want to express gratitude towards you and want to thank your for your kind support towards our organization. Making us your business partners, was a huge initiative  and we appreciate your interest towards the under consideration project.
Your gesture of trust and loyalty will prove an asset for both the companies. We will work harder in order to get our business flourish soon and by dint of hard work will make possible to take up the BRAND to its peak level. We cordially want to welcome you in our group. Your generous contribution is a source of our pleasure and success.
Wishing for the bright future of both the companies.
Abeer Ali,
Teflo Group.

Thank You Letter for Business Partnership Template


Angro Foods, Inc
MM Allam road, Lahore

Sub:Thanks Letter for Business Partnership or Joint business

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Thank you for making us as your business partner. I would appreciate that you respond to our request soon and big obliged to you for making us as your Business partner. Your expression of trust is expressed in believing us. I hope joint efforts make our business very worthwhile and InshaAllah, together will pursue this business and flourish soon. Its really very pleasure for us your contribution and expert skills are very useful for this business.
Once again, thank you very much for believing us.
Yours sincerely,
Sumaira Hafeez
Tulip Co. Limited
Thanks Letter for Business Partnership
Thanks Letter for Business Partnership


Thanks Letter For Permission of Placing Stall

Sample Thanks letter for vocational products or handicrafts, stalls at your outlets that was sponsored by you. Format of Thanks letter for permission of placing your stall, in any university of fair or outlet.

Thanks Letter for Getting Permission of Placing Stall



Subject: Thanks Letter For Getting Permission of Placing Stall

Dear Sir,
The Hamza Foundation would like to thank you for your continued support and generous contribution for the special children at our institution. We are especially grateful to you for the recent Vocational Products Stalls at your outlets that was sponsored by you. Not only were the people visited the stalls able to promote awareness among st the community, they also felt proud of by being part of such a noble cause. And the response that we got from the Stalls was phenomenal with total sale of Rs. 120,000/- from two Outlets. Your Outlets Staff was really very cooperative and provide us guidance during the whole activity.
Please know that your support and generosity does not go unnoticed. Without your involvement, all this would have been impossible to achieve. Thank you once again for your generous contribution.
We hope for your continued support in the future as well.
Warm Regards,
Manager Marketing,
Hamza Foundation.

Thanks Letter For Permission of Placing Stall
Thanks Letter For Permission of Placing Stall


Sample Thanks Letter for Getting Permission 


The CEO,
Al-Barka Bank.
Gulberg 3, Lahore.

Subject: Thanks Letter For Getting Permission of Placing Stall

Dear Sir,
Our foundation want to thank you and want to express deepest gratitude for your support and contribution towards our cause. We are especially grateful to you for the permission of stalls placement at your place sponsored by you for three days. It would really be a great initiative.
The awareness among people would lead to the better functioning of our foundation working for the poor and needy persons. Its your generosity that you have got associated with it. The donations we will get be totally for the purpose of helping needy people in our foundation.
We hope for your continued support in the future as well.
Warm Regards,
Manager Marketing,
Rehma Foundation.

Thank you Letter for Supporting an Event

Letter of thanks can be sent to volunteers, interns, students, employee, staff members and common people to thank them for their support. Here is a sample Thanks letter for supporting, an easy format to be used. Alternations can be done.

Thanks Letter for Supporting the Cause


The Director,
ABC Foundation.

Subject: Thanks Letter for Supporting

Dear Sir,

We  want to express our deepest gratitude for the purpose that Fatima Group of companies has been supporting us since long. You are like a supporting arch every time we need. We thank you for the support and favor provided by you on the seminar of awareness about our campaign.

Your support have always been a source of encouragement for us, and it always bring up people to join hands with us. The donations through the seminar are valuable and its all because of your interest in this regard. Your support is a back hand for us.

All the arrangements were up to the mark and it brought valour among our volunteers. It is really an honour for us. We hope that you will continue to support us in the same way every time.

Thanking you.


Rehman Foundation.

Thank you Letter for Supporting Event

The CEO,
Stars Inn Foundation.
DHA Phase 111,Cantt Lahore.

Subject: Thanks Letter for Supporting

Respected Sir,

We are very much obliged by the constitution Stars Inn was made to our awareness walk successful which was scheduled on 5 July, 2013. Stars Inn has been serving Rehman Foundation since a long time by donating generously. It has served our volunteers and the entire team during the walk by providing beverages and refreshments. We want to thank you for this kind gesture of yours. It was such an effective initiative towards our cause.

We hope that in the same way you will stand by us in every  hour of need.


Rehman Foundation.



Thank you Letter for Guest of Honour

Sample thanks letter for chief guest to attend the opening ceremony of our training program ( Skills for Job). It can be used for any type of ceremony. Thanks letter for presence or tanks letter for attending the ceremony.

Thank you Letter for Guest of Honour

Mr. Nadeem Dilawar
Chairperson Ali Fund for Underprivileged,
Lahore, Pakistan.

Subject: Thank you Letter for Guest of Honour

I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits. I wish to communicate my utmost regard, respect and admiration as well as gratitude towards you for blessing us with your presence on our fiftieth celebration. It is people like you who restore our faith in humanity. People who devote their lives and abilities to those less fortunate than us and in the process make us realize the value of being human.
We are deeply thankful that you could take time out for us and did us the honor by gracing our humble abode. Your prudent words still ring in our ears. We believe that many of those who were with us that day have taken home the message that you delivered, one of faith, serving the destitute and offering unconditional support to those who have want for it.


Ms. Alia Khuram
Shalimar Welfare School
4 th May, 2016.

Thanks Letter for Guest of honour Sample


To-Chief Guest Name_________

Subject: Thanks Letter to Guest of Honor for Attending Ceremony

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is to thank you for sparing time for the opening ceremony of our  training program ‘Skills for job’ for the youth. Your kind presence in the program encouraged us a lot and made us more confident in our struggle. It was a great pleasure to host you at our organization as the Chief Guest/Guest of Honour.
I appreciate your interest in the well-being of the Youth. Your suggestions have provided us a guideline to proceed more precisely for the betterment of this noble cause. We hope that this kindness and cooperation will remain continue in the future.
With Warm Regards,

Sample Thank You Letter for Guest of Honor


Mr. Abeer Ahmad.,
Unilever Association.

Subject: Thanks Letter

Dear Sir,

It was an immense pleasure for us, that you joined our event and bestowed us by being Guest of honor. Your precious time was of great importance for us. Your involvement and interest towards our organization is a great support for us.

It was nice to host you in our function, and your kind words worths a lot to us. People like you are a sort of encouragement for people. Your step would serve as an initiative and we want to express our deepest gratitude towards you.

We wish to continue a good relation in future.

Yours Sincerely,

Fatimid Group.


Thanks Letter For Event(Spring Festival) Sponsorship

Thanking the people and sending gratitude to your clients, customers always increase your business and personal relations in an impressive way. Template of thanks letter for event sponsorship.

 Thanks Letter For Event(Spring Festival) Sponsorship 


Sub:Thanks Letter For Event(Spring Festival) Sponsorship 

Dear Sir,
The reason of this letter is the Spring Festival been organized by you company.Our Institute played a huge part in this event.The enthusiasm of our children was beyond measurable and our staff also greeted the festival with joy.
The event took place on 8th of February , 2013. Each and everything including the music,food,and other entertainment was well organized.
On behalf of the entire Institute.I thank you for the special moment you served for our special children who are looking forward for more of these festivals.In future our collaboration will be continued .
Yours Truly


Thank You Letter for Sponsorship of The Annual Event

Through this letter to express the gratitude towards your generous sponsorship for annual event.


Subject: Thank You Letter for Sponsorship

Dear Sir/Madam,
Through this letter, we aim to express our gratitude towards your generous sponsorship. The seventy streamers provided to the [company]by [sponsor’s name] were greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting our cause, thus remaining committed to our institute as you have been previously.
Our 2012 campaign is turning out to be a huge success, thanks to your enormous contribution. Therefore, we hope that our affiliation continues in the future and together, we keep bringing smiles on the faces of hopeless children.


Thank You Letter for Donation Money

Sample Thank you letter for sponsorship donation,Thanks letter for donor to express the gratitude towards the noble cause. A template of thanks letter for sponsorship of child fee.You can use as sponsorship of uniform, sponsorship of books, sponsorship of education,sponsorship of classroom furniture.

Thanks Letter For Sponsorship of  Donation Amount 

3rd Jan, 2015
Mr. Ahmad Khan
Managing Director,
Falcon’s Agency, Lahore.

Subject: Thanks Letter for Donation Amount
Dear Sir,
With deepest gratitude we (ABC Trust), want to acknowledge the receiving of donation amount of Rs. One Lac Only. Your contribution and coordination is a source of immense pleasure for the entire team, working for the welfare of Special Children, Orphans.
People like you are supporting the cause and making it possible to help us in our aim. You be the source of spreading happiness among hundreds of innocent children. We want you to accept our thanks.
Warm Regards,
Shah Ahsan,
Manager Marketing.
ABC Trust.

Thanks Letter for General Donation

Sample 1-
Dear Sir/Madam,
We at_______ appreciate ideas and initiatives for working together in making lives more pleasant, Therefore do  not hesitate to contact us further for betterment of special children.Our affiliation will continue in future.
Sample 2-
Dear Sir/Madam,
Thanks for your generous contribution at _______. We are grateful for your donation and, It was truly a delight to have you  join us for the noble cause that we support.
   ——- hopes to maintain a long term relationship with  you to help improve lives in future. We will share with you our planes and financial statement for further assistance.

Thanks Letter for Getting Payment Zakat or Donation

Dear Sir,

We are very blissful to acknowledge that our institution is the crux of your Sponsorship and donations.Till now, many good souls people are supporting our cause for special children so that they may also endure and captivate the charms in our society.I would like to invite you to spare some time and visit our institution, We hope that  in future our affiliation will be continuous.
Warm Regards,

Thanks Letter For Getting Payment From Company

Mr. Asif Saleem
Manager Marketing
Hamza Foundation
Johar Town,

Subject: Thanks Letter for Getting Payment

Respected Sir,
We, at the [Organization], would like to express our gratitude for your generous contribution towards the noble cause of our organization. We are heartily thankful for your compassion and donation to our [Organization].
Warm Regards,
Mr. Ali Ahmad

Thanks Letter for Amount Donation Sample

Dear Sir,

I on behalf of my institution is writing you this letter to express our deepest thanks for your recent donation amount to __Institution Name____.
Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission. With your faithful contributions over the year, You have demonstrated our deep commitment to our work of providing education to blind Children. Your support has played a key role in our success.
It is our hope that this letter will help to communicate our big thanks for your generosity. We look forward to continuing partnership with you.
Best Regards,

Thanks Letter for Getting Payment Sponsorship or Donation



Sub:Thanks Letter For Sponsorship of  Donation Amount

Respected Sir,

The Hamza foundation is very thankful to you for your donation in our work and for your contribution in this noble work. The way your have accompanied us in this journey for humanity.is applaud able. Hamza foundation on behalf of each and every active member of this foundation want to appreciate your help and for supporting us in making these children active,special,and worth living. We hope you continue to do so. God bless you and surely he will because he loves his men who work for the service of mankind. I hope we all be successful in making life beautiful for these children.

Warm Regards,

Director Marketing,

Hamza Foundation.