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Technical Professional Resume Format

Here is attached word file for Technical Professional Resume Format. You can  free Download Sample CV from here and change it according to your need

Technical Professional Resume Format

Technical Professional Resume  Template


Personal Profile:

Lt Col( R) Muhammad Asif

House No.334, Ibn-E-Sina Road, G 15-3, Islamabad T: (051)456789


 Career Profile:

Project Management professional

 Electrical Engineering ? Information Technology

An Electrical Engineer, IT professional & PMP certified with over two decades of experience serving in the Defence Forces of Pakistan, have worked on multifarious professional assignments and technical projects. Dealt projects concerning manufacture, repair/overhaul, inspection, technical trials and evaluation. Have sound experience in projects planning, management, technical coordination, contracting and procurement. Possess advanced computer literacy in MS Office suite of packages, Primavera P6 and specialized engineering applications, strong skills in networks design and implementation. Current member of Institute of Engineers Australia and Pakistan Engineering Council.

 Personal attributes:


  • Ability to build rapport with all levels of clients, customers and staff
  • Demonstrated and effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • High attention to detail coupled with the ability to follow through
  • Self starter, focused on getting right, no matter how many iterations it takes
  • Quick and efficient worker with a keen knack for solving problems fast
  • Persistent, reliable and punctual with strong organizational aptitude
  • Strong planner and organizer with confident but team focused attitude

 Education & academic Qualifications:


  • Master of Computer Science -2001 University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Pakistan


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)-1987 NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi, Pakistan


  • Bachelor of Science (Physics & Math) – 1983 PMA Kakul, Pakistan


  • SCADA & PLC – 2012             Skilled Development Council Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Diploma of Information Technology (Networking)-2011, Polytechnic West, Australia


Professional Experience:


8/2005 – 3/2008: Assistant Director Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Heavy Industries Taxila, Government of Pakistan


Key Responsibilities:


  • Plan and execute maintenance activities concerning electrical/electronic equipment/ assets
  • Maintain a centralized record of repairable machinery, tools & test equipment  and initiate  appropriate actions for its timely repair using local resources  and through private contractors
  • Prepare and interpret specifications, drawings and regulations, ensure that completed works meet specifications and safety standards
  • Design and produce drawings of electrical systems
  • Workout delivery and installation schedules for electrical equipment, propose improvement in the existing electrical systems
  • Briefing to senior management about the progress of maintenance, inspection and repair activities and miscellaneous technical and administrative tasks
  • Human resource management,
  • Procurement, contracts management & technical coordination


10/2001-7/2005: Assistant Director Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

 Central Workshop, EME, Pakistan Army


Key Responsibilities:


  • Planning, cost estimating and scheduling of the repair and overhauling tasks pertaining to electrical ,telecommunication and electro medical equipment
  • Supervise and control project teams for smooth running of manufacturing & equipment overhaul activities, ensure availability of appropriate work environment and application of recommended engineering principles & processes
  • Ensure that the project works comply the conditions and parameters as laid down in the scope of project,
  • Monitor and control costs & schedules against budgets and time frames
  • Guidance & mentoring to engineers, technicians and administration staff
  • Consultations with subordinate engineers and liaise with engineers of other disciplines
  • Communicate and liaise with contractors ,suppliers and stakeholders
  • Assist in diagnosing faults in equipment & devices
  • Check and analyse drawings & engineering documents, conduct defect analysis and recommend mitigation measures
  • Briefing to senior management on the progress of miscellaneous assignments

6/1996-5/1998: Electrical Engineer

Field Maintenance & Repair Workshop,

Maintenance & Technical Support Division, Pakistan Army


Key Responsibilities:


  • As an electrical engineer manage a team of tradesperson/technicians in a repair and maintenance group of Workshop
  • Plan ,schedule and supervise maintenance and repair projects pertaining to telecommunication and electrical equipment
  • Mentoring to technicians and administrative staff, function as technical adviser to senior management
  • Prepare & issue preventive and periodic maintenance instructions
  • Defect analysis and investigation of equipment failure

10/1993-5/1996: Electrical Engineer

 Inspectorate of Electronics & Instruments (IE&I), Pakistan Army


Key Responsibilities:


  • Manage the Electronics & Instruments Group, conduct tests, trials and evaluation of electrical/electronic equipment and instruments
  • Review and maintain drawings, specifications and technical documentations related to electrical and electronics equipment
  • Write technical manuals and trial reports for user’s guidance, computerize record of inspections and catalogue electronics, instruments and computer equipment
  • Interact with engineers and technical staff for defect analysis and investigation
  • Suggest improvements and upgrades to electrical/electronic equipment


7/1988-9/1993: Electrical Engineer

Field Maintenance & Repair Workshop,

Maintenance & Technical Support Division, Pakistan Army


Key Responsibilities:


  • Manage and supervise technical activities involving inspections, maintenance & repair of  miscellaneous electrical equipment and devices
  • Conduct inspection, examination, technical trials and evaluation of equipment ,compile instructions for preventive and periodic maintenance, prepare inspection documents
  • Troubleshoot on electrical equipment/assemblies
  • Schedule and manage repair & calibration of Test, Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment(TMDE)
  • Ensure upkeep of tools, gauges and diagnostic equipment, devise solutions to technical problems
  • Ensure compliance of quality assurance procedures and techniques
  • Motivate, mentor and lead technical and administrative staff
  • Maintain inventory of equipment, stores and spare parts, assist in procurement process

Professional AFFILIATIONS:

  • Member Engineers Australia (MIEAust)
  • Member Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Professional Engineer Registration number: ELECT/8269


Available on request:



Tips For Technical writing strategies

As first impression is the last impression, your writing infact displays you in front of others. Ethics and moral values are conveyed to others, and are expressed logically while writing. Work neatly, using tables and headings so that it may look organized. What you have wrote should end up with a proper conclusion, so that one getting information via you should have a proper sophisticated image.

Your writing must have a ethical and proper start, it shouldn’t involve informal start or ending specially in business writings. Keep your paragraphs short and avoid the useful or insensible information. Use pictures, tables, bullet forms as just a theoretical paragraph doesn’t impart a good image. But all that should be logical and useful and also should be related with your topic. Your end up conclusion should be effective and technical.It should explain your thoughts to the reader. An effective writing style should be used, conveying your polite tone.

Tips of Writing Strategies

Following are some useful tips for writing, even formal or informal writing. 1. Pay attention to tone 2.Purposeful introduction 3.Review the context 4.Follow good news strategy first 5.Use reader centered writing 6.Organize written material logically 7.Keep paragraphs short 8.Use headings, short tables 9. Effective vocabulary 10. Clarity in summary 11. Mentioned outlines 12. Have effective conclusion

Tips for Technical Writing Strategies

Following are some useful tips which can be used to write a perfect report which is even more time saving.

Don’t waste words

Inspite of having alot of words still while writing you don’t have enough words to waste, as in technical writing specific words are used and it matters. In professional field, you can’t just throw words they must be meaningful.

Use spell-check and grammar-check

When you are at a professional level you have to keep yourself up to date, and at that level your mistakes are taken serious.

Understanding  AFFECT VS  EFFECT

It can be shameful if not properly used, and similar words should be used properly. Before using you must use a dictionary to avoid any confusion.

Difference between It’s and Its

The use of preposition, and any verb, you should be well aware. Inspite of having good knowledge sometimes it happens that we don’t use a proper word, that lead to embarrassment.

Use the full term then put acronym:

In technical or formal writing full word or full form of a word should be used and afterward it’s acronym should be placed. As, it leaves a good impression and is formal too.

If using computer, use proper font size:

As in modern era, mostly letters and formal writings are typed through computer, you have to be very careful about that. Your format, pattern and font should be proper enough.

Proofread carefully

Perhaps we avoid proofreading after writing a well defined writing, but it is a bad habit. One must go through the writing atleast one time to get yourself satisfied.

Tips For Technical writing strategies
Tips For Technical writing strategies