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How to live a Healthy Lifestyle:

Health is what we all want, but a healthy lifestyle is a trick we seldom care about. We all need health but avoid a healthy lifestyle. In lifestyle, we include the routine matter, the way we eat, the way we sleep, the way we play, the way we take ourselves! There are a number of reasons that indicate why we need a healthy lifestyle to get healthy.

  For me, visiting doctors and lying on the bed in a completely helpless state, smelling medicines, tinctures, poi dines, and phenyl-dipped mob! This is scary for me and this very fear of mine pushed me to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I am sure, you all must have fears also, but I pray that your fear would and could have contributed to taking you towards a healthy lifestyle.

 Let’s see how we can make our life better and bent us on healthy lifestyle:

Eat less:

          This does not mean that you have to eat less overall, this simply means, eat less at one time. For example, if you were eating one chapatti/bread in breakfast, reduce it to half in the breakfast, but do it step by step, do not directly shift on half chapatti/bread at once! Do not eat fruits after getting any meal. Avoid eating citrus fruits on empty stomach as it can stir the gastric juices causing inflammation. Eating fruits before lunch and dinner fairly detox your body, leaving your organs healthy and fresh. Avoid or eat less oily. Refined, processed and sugary foodies, as it is harmful to the greatest extend.

Drink plenty of water:

              Drinking of 4 glasses at a time will not suffice the purpose of drinking plenty of water in getting healthy lifestyle. Sensible division of drinking water at appropriate times will contribute in maintaining healthy weight. For example, never drink water on empty stomach, especially Luke-warm water, as it will cause stomach burn. Never drink water right before or after the meal or tea etc., as it curtailed the digestion process. Always stop drinking any liquid after 7 of clock in the evening. The best time to drink water is between 7 of clock in the morning till 5 of clock in the evening.

Sleep well:

                   It is said that sleep is the doctor at night, when we are enjoying our slumber, the tiny physicians, surgeons, doctor gets out and do their job, while we sleep. Sleep is the natural recharge or boosting up system of our bodies. The best sleeping time starts from 9 of clock at night till 5 o clock in the dawn. This time duration is comprises on full 8 hours sleep, but here the question arises, how can we get un-interrupted sleep? The answer is simple, stop thinking, stop wondering, stop taking too many questions in mind, just relax, go to bed, close your eyes, focus on sleeping and spend few minutes on self-analysis, that’s all! Pray to your God to give you sound sleep and make you wake up fresh and active. Believe me, this prayer is always heard! Fun Reading!