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Sick Leave Application for Wisdom Extraction

The following are the applications written by the employee to the HR manager of his firm regarding sick leave for his dental issues or extraction of teeth. He\She can use these formats according to their need. Necessity changes can be done.

Sick Leave Application for Wisdom Extraction

To the HR manager,

Ali Garments,


Subject: Sick Leave for Wisdom Extraction

Respected Sir,

I’m writing to inform you that, I, Amir Tariq, Senior Manager at Ali Garments, have been experiencing tooth discomfort for the past week. My teeth have been troubling me for a few months, but they have only now started to hurt badly, and no amount of medicine can make the pain go away. I saw a local doctor a few weeks ago, and he informed me that I needed to get my wisdom teeth out because if I didn’t, it would become permanent and cause gum infection. The doctor has arranged a follow-up visit for Wednesday, September 15th, and has recommended that I not leave the house for at least three days after the extraction.

I won’t be able to focus properly on my work this way, and I don’t want my health to take precedence over my career in any manner. This is why I’d like to request a 4 days sick leave so that I may focus entirely on my health and recover rapidly so that I can return to the workplace as soon as possible. I will be eternally thankful to you for your wonderful gesture.

Yours Truly,

Amir Tariq

Senior Manager

Sick Leave Application for Dental Problem

To the HR manager,

National Bank of India,


Subject: Sick Leave for Dental Problems

Respected Sir,

This is to bring to your kind notice that I, Ali Singh, Senior Accountant at your bank, For the past four days, I’ve been suffering from a terrible toothache. I went to the dentist about it, and he gave me some antibiotics to help me heal quickly, but it hasn’t been much of a help. I tried numerous home cures and other medications, but none of them helped me ease my discomfort. I’m in a lot of pain and suffering, and it’s interfering with how I sleep, eat, and go about my daily activities. It’s virtually impossible for me to chew anything, and even drinking water is agonizing. It’s conceivable that I have gum inflammation or an ingrown tooth, which is causing me a lot of pain. I just saw a new dentist, who advised me to have a little surgery as soon as possible, otherwise, the condition might deteriorate over time. This issue has also impacted my office employment since I am unable to get enough sleep, resulting in a lack of attention on the job. I can’t seem to concentrate on my work because of the pain caused by my toothache.

I don’t want my health to overshadow my work in any possible way so I would like you to grant me sick leave for three days so I have enough time to get my surgery done and recover as soon as possible. I’ll be extremely grateful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours Obediently,

Ali Singh,

Senior Accountant

Sample Sick Leave Application for Toothache

To the HR manager,

Tellus Communication,


Subject: Sick Leave for Toothache

Respected Sir,

I, Babar Jutt, Senior Manager at Tellus Communications, am suffering from terrible agony in my teeth and have no choice but to get them extracted. I’ll have to have my tooth removed, which means I’ll have to miss work. I had booked my dental appointment for tomorrow. The dentist will then advise me on what should be done to the tooth and when. I have no clue how long this procedure will take or when I will be fully recovered. I booked an appointment with one of the best dentists in town to get these answers, and I had to go the next day.

I don’t want my health to interfere with my work in any way; I’ve always been the best at this business and want to keep that title for a long time, therefore I’d want you to allow me sick leave for the day after tomorrow so I may get my tooth checked by the dentist and recover as soon as possible. I will be eternally thankful to you for your wonderful gesture.

Yours Sincerely,

Babar Jutt

Senior Manager