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Sample Independent Contractor Services Agreement

This Sample article offers help to those who need to use these free versions of an independent contractor’s Services agreement. These are free to use for anyone who needs them. For further questions please refer to the comment box, or reach out to us via email.

Contract between a Courier Service Company and a Small Apparel Brand.

This contract is between Tiger Logistics and Betty and Co. clothing company, effective from the 25th-July-2022.

This contract entails that the logistics company, Tiger Logistics would be responsible for providing the courier services for Better and Co.
All orders that are received through the proper customer service channels are to be dispatched and received by the customer within 5-7 working days of the placement of the order.
All orders that are received by the customers should be in perfect condition, anything less than that will mean that the company needs to be reimbursed for the damages.
Tiger logistics will be responsible for as many as 2,000 orders dispatched within a single day. This agreement, serving as a binding agreement, would be relevant and needed until the company (Betty and Co.), decides to terminate the contract of employment.
Tiger Logistics will hereby adhere to all safety precautions that go into delivering the apparel, the ad will carry out its tasks in a responsible manner. Failure to do so would warrant a lawsuit and a reimbursement must be paid.
Lastly, Tiger Logistics is free to carry out its activities and sign contracts with other companies. The means and tools they use to carry out their designated services are career freedom of expression.
The above parties agreed to this contract.

The contract between a Photographer and an Advertising Company

This contract is between Amanda Lenin and The Palette, an advertising firm, and its subsequent digital marketing department.

This contract goes to show that Ms. Lenin is not an employee, but an independent contractor for the company. She is hired to employ her services for the Photo Advert project.
After this contact, Ms. Lenin will be free to exit the company. However, if the company has reason to believe that charges of defamation and property damage against Ms. Lenin are true, the contract will be terminated immediately and with no further notice of expulsion.
The contract entails that whatever imagery and videos that are being captured for the project are the property of the company, and will be copyright claimed. By signing this contract the writer is signing away whatever content they generate for this project under the name of the company.
Failure to maintain decorum or a tasteful experience within the company may lead to immediate expulsion of the individual, and a claim on reimbursement that the company can legally file on claims of defamation and a lack of work ethic.

Contract to provide Uniforms for Nurses

This contract is between Halo Tailoring Services and the Michael Town Hospital. The duration of the contract is of three months, starting from the 12th of July, 2022.

Halo Tailoring services will be responsible for stitching and providing the clothes for the nurses who work so hard.
Providing 5000 uniforms for the nurses of the hospital within three months is the main target for the company. it would also mean that the designers and tailors would be signing off their rights to those designs, and they would become the sole responsibility of the hospital.
Furthermore, the company must adhere to civil laws and the corporate culture of the hospital. Anything that may cause the company defamation or paint it in a negative light, will become grounds to file an official complaint and take manners to court if the situation seems too drastic.