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Sample Memo to Tighten Security

This memorandum is intended for people working in office and management team. It is written by management of the office to impose strict laws and security.

Sample Memo to Tighten Security


The Manager Admin,

There has been fuss in the office lately about stealing and accusing. There has been two or more incidents recorded in which someone has left their belonging and it got stolen from there. This is important for the management of the office to take strict actions against the people who are stealing things. We don’t want to accuse anyone of theft so there is only one possibility that management needs to tighten the security so issues like this won’t happen again. I also encourage employees to take care of their belongings and act more vigilantly around the office.
We have never faced such scenarios in the office before. We want everyone to take care of their electronic devices and do not leave their important stuff on the table. I hope that everybody compliance in this matter.


HR Department

Security Memo Example

Dear Employees,

This memo is being directed to the employees of the office. I am writing this to inform you all that there has been uncanny incidents occurring around the company. Employees are complaining of their stolen belongings. Management of company has also reached out and complained about the negligent behavior of employees around the office on their stuff. It has been seen that all of you leave your stuff unattended and then it gets stolen. As you know that this company is not one side data based, it has connections so flow of people all day is usual.
There could be many people who could be involved in stealing stuff and even stealing some valuable information regarding companies’ strategies. So, it is advised to all of you o be vigilant about your laptops and electronic devices. Please refrain of leaving anything important on your desk all openly. I am looking forward to everyone’s compliances on this matter.

Warm Regards,

Security Adviser

Sample Letter for Security Company

Sample letter of giving notice to Security Company. Man is a social being and for that reason they have to move in and out of the city for meeting up different needs. On the score of this security is a matter of life or death for human beings as they love their relations, their homes, their money and their future connected with it. Any loophole in the security demur their lives. Filing complaints against such issues is mandatory and victims can benefit themselves from this sample letter format.

Sample Letter for Security Company

Swift Movers Security Company,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Complaint letter to Security Company

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much compunction and hefty heart that I am Mr. Adam Stow. I had received a lot many respectable arguments about this company as their motto bragged “Customer satisfaction is the key to success.” I was impressed by your slogan and hired a security guard from this company. I thought you are a big firm so you must have put your employees under some kind of professional training like how to deal with people around and how to react in problematic situation or at least gave them enough knowledge on crisis management and stress management. I gave this guard ample time of adjustment in my presence as I cannot afford going out leaving my family with no security, but to my horror the guard is well built and well versed in sleeping only!
I am sorry I do not wish to use such harsh words to you, but things do not come along between you and us on these grounds. I request you to change the guard and please do something about their training and character building. Body is not everything in security. Thanking in eagerness.
Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Adam Stow
6 th September, 2017.