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Sample Letter to Sales Officer to Increase Sale Target

These sample letters are directed to sales officer, who is encouraging its team leader and sale officer to keep up the good work and increase sale targets with same passion.

Sample Letter to Sales Officer to Increase Sale Target


The Manager Sales,

Mehta Textile.

Dear Sharma,

I am writing this letter to inform you about some changes in sales target of this year. First of all, I would like to appreciate you of handling the sales team in such a brilliant way. Performance of your sales team was impeccable and deserves all the appreciation. I am glad that I chose you as a sales officer. Your last time performance has made us expecting better from your innovative mind. We have decided that we are going to alter some of the policies of the products so sale of products can increase. We will hand out you all the products in which we need changes in order to increase sale, please let us know of any query. Happy to help you anytime. Please note down that sale target should be very high this time so we can secure the elitist company position. I wish your team all the best.

Sales Director,

Sample Letter to Sales Person to Increase Sale

Dear Sales Team,

You have proven to be the excellent sales officer and we all are very proud of your performance. Your skills and pioneering ideas are the reason that sales scale of this company is on height. I am very happy to see that you have motivated your team to work and teamwork is your building block. I have full confidence in you that with this pace you will be acquiring the position of head with the commission. I have new sale target for you and your team. I am hoping it to be an easy accomplishment as your other targets were. Please go through the file in which I have sent you all the data, on which you can work to increase the sales. Sale target deadline is 5th November. I hope that you will do this before the time. Please come to my office if you need any assistance in this regard.

Johnn Robert,

Head of Sales Department.