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Request Letter to Reduce Shop Rent

A guy is requesting a shop owner to not increase more shop rent in the times of Covid’19 and understand his concern and be supportive in this situation. Apart from the pandemic, there are several other reasons which anyone can write in letter according to need. Necessary changes can be done. 

Request Letter to Reduce Shop Rent

Dear Sir,

With due reverence, I am writing this letter in concern of “shop rent”. As you know that I have taken this shop on rent from you for past five years. There has never been any payment problem from my side nor I have not faced any inconvenient from your side. This process is going very smoothly and I want it to go on as it is but I have one regard that I need to discuss with you. You have recently given me notice that you are increasing shop rent. This news is a havoc for me in situation of a pandemic and no earning. Kindly, reduce the shop rent as you are well aware with the Covid’19 situation. Businesses have been affected
badly. I don’t belong from a rich class; I have some responsibilities to fulfill even in these hard times. It is getting very difficult for me to collect money and pay my shop rent already. I have to pay my house rent also. I want you to take our relationship into consideration and make your decision based on your experience with me. I have children and wife at home to fee, rents to pay, fees to submit, bill to pay, Things are getting very hectic for me in this Covid’19 situation. I cannot bear so many expenses at the moment. All I can say is that I know you are a very noble and good person; I am well-aware with the fact that people are getting laid- off from their jobs and trying to get equal money from other means of income. I understand the situation of market right now but please know that we all are in this together and affected by it. I really hope that you comprehend my genuine request and be supportive in these hard times.

Yours Faithful,
Robert Singh