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Sample Letter on How to do Character Building

Sample letter on How to do character building. Teaching is the profession that is called the mother of all other professions. By teaching different subjects to the students, it make them confident and choosy as well on which field they must choose to pursue their future career. Character building is the base of everything, but very few knew the value of it. In this article why, how questions will be dealt regarding character building. Please read thoroughly and try to bring some change in yourself first!

Sample Letter on How to do Character Building

Mr. Dean,
Sky lark Foundation University,
California, United States of America.

Subject: An article on How to do character building

Respected Staff!

How are you? I hope you all will be going well in your lives and confident enough to get along the miseries of this world. As we all know Teaching is a noble profession, but I had seen that there are still few students and teachers as well who pay very little attention regarding the importance of character so here I intend to prepare a workshop in your respective wings based on the points that I am putting forward in this article. Here I go!

1- What is character? Self-discretion.

2-What is building? Self-discretion

3- Definition of character. Self-discretion.

4-Definition of building. Self –discretion.

5-Why is character important? Benefits behind?

6-Why is building important? Reason behind?

7-What happen when we join character and building? Fruits behind?

8-How we can build our character? Parameters behind?

9-What are various types of characters? Self-discretion.10- What are various types of building structures? Self-search.

11-What we do with differently structured building? behavior behind?

12- What is our general perspective towards them? Attitudes behind?

13- Why we need a character? Reasons behind?

14- How could we improve ourselves? Strategies behind.

15- What role media play? Good and bad point.

16- What is the role of culture and society play in developing the

character? Social norms, family limits, peer group influence.

17- How could we filter good character from the bad character?

Techniques to filter the twos.

18- After developing the workshop on this material, put forward at least different workshops and the prepared resource person to my office by Monday sharp 9:00 AM.

The criteria for the resource persons:

1-Must be a member of permanent faculty.

2-Must have 8 year teaching experience.

3-Must be confident

4-Must be equipped with all communicative techniques.

Workshops must be timed and should not cross the time from more than 4 hours! Students to whom the teachers deem perfect for this workshop must accompanied them to my office. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mr. Jacob Danny,
12th July, 2019.