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Sample Letter for Immigration

Sample Letter for Immigration


The Immeigration Department.

Subject: Letter for Immigration for Landlord


I am writing this immigration reference letter in the support of my landlord’s immigrant application, who happens to be my uncle. He is a very honest and upstanding individual. My experience with him has been very gratifying and delightful. As being a student, sometimes I have to face with many issues of payment, he has never been loud and obstinate towards me. He has always supported me in my time of need. His dedication towards the community is awe-inspiring. He is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. He always attend any local community meeting on minor and major matters. I consider him as a gentlemen and a very nice human being. He works in a multinational company and he is a very hard working person. I have never seen him compromise on his work for anything else. He is a self-made man. I am very sure that his citizenship application would be accepted and he would be a remarkable addition to the country. I am very fortunate to know a person like him in my life and I am confident that his hard work will show color. Please contact me if any questions are left to ask.

Yours Sincerely,


Sample letter for Immigration for Tenant


The Immigration Officer,

Immigration Department.

Respected Sir,

My name is Mr. John and I am writing this in the reference for my tenant immigrant application. He is living with me for three years now. He is working in the office here. In these three years, my relationship with him has grown a lot and we became very close friends. He holds such an obliging and benevolent personality. He is mature enough to handle his chores and take care of every little thing. He has never been rude and disrespectful towards me. Sometimes, I am amazed at his honesty and loyalty. He works with full dedication and passion and I am sure that he will work hard in the future to make his career brighter. He will be an incredible addition to the state due to his uncountable achievements in his home country. His family is already settled in a London and his immigration was only left. Now, he has completed all the required obligations successfully. He is now anxiously waiting to unite with his mother and siblings after waiting for many years. I assure you that he is a very peaceful, conscientious and supportive person. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Yours Truly,


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