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Sample Leave Messages for a Stroke Patient

15+ leave messages for a stroke patient. For more info contact us via the given information or the comment box.

Due to an Appointment with a Physician

Hello Sir, I hope you are well. I cannot join you at the office today because of a doctor’s appointment in light of my recent stroke. I hope you understand. Thank you.

Due to Pain

Good Morning, Ma’am. I would like to request a leave owing to great pain in my chest due to the recent stroke I suffered from. Thank you.

Due to Bedrest

Greetings Sir, this is to inform you that I will not be coming in for work today due to being recommended on bed rest by my doctor. I will let you know when I am off bed rest and will join you as soon as I can

Due to Aches

Good Evening, Madam. Hoping you are in good health. Due to the recent stroke, I had, I have been suffering from frequent pains and aches. On these grounds, I would like to apply for a leave, Thank you for understanding.

Due to the Doctor’s Recommendation

Hello, Sir. I hope you are doing well. I would like to inform you that I will not be coming into work because my doctor has recommended a period of rest due to the recent stroke I suffered. Thank you for understanding.

Due to Surgery

Dear Miss. I cannot come into work from ——–    to   because I have been scheduled for surgery owing to my recent stroke. Regards

Due to Traveling

Hi, Miss. I have to travel for medical reasons because of my stroke and will be missing work for a few days. Thank you

Due to Symptoms

Good Morning Kind Sir, this is to inform you that owing to my recent symptoms after my stroke, I feel I need to relax before exerting myself. Thanks for understanding

Due to Fatigue

Hi, Miss. I wanted to inform you that due to my recent stroke operation, I have been experiencing increased fatigue. Please consider my leave, as I cannot work in this condition.

Due to Prescription

Good Morning Ma’am, my doctor has recommended that I stay home and relax because of my stress-related stroke. I will rejoin as I get better. Thank you.

Because of a Medical Commitment

Greetings Sir, hope you are well. I have to take his leave due to a medical commitment owing to my previous stroke. I assure you that I will join the office as soon as I can. Thanks

Because of Discomfort

Dear Madam. Because of my stroke, I have experienced extreme discomfort. I have to remain home and recharge before joining the office again. Thankyou

Due to Bedrest

Salutations, Sir. Please be advised that I will not be reporting to work today as my doctor has advised bed rest. As soon as I am able to leave my bed rest, I will let you know and join you soon.

Due to Pain

Greetings, Madame. I hope you’re doing well. I just suffered a stroke, which has left me with ongoing discomfort and aches. I would want to request a leave of absence based on these reasons; I appreciate your understanding.

Based on the Doctor’s Advice

Dear Miss, my doctor is recommending that I stay home and rest as overexertion is bad for the heart. Thank you for understanding.

Because of a Procedure

Hello Miss. Because of my upcoming operation due to my recent stroke, I am unable to report to work from——-    to. Regards.

Because of Vacation

Ma’am, because of my stroke the doctor recommends that I take some time off and relax my mind. Please know that I will be back as soon as I can.

Because of Symptoms

Hello, hope you are well. I have been experiencing recurring stroke symptoms and have decided to stay home for the while. Thank you for understanding, I will provide a doctor’s note.

Because of Weariness

Good morning, Kind Sir. I just wanted to let you know that I feel like I need to take it easy before straining myself due to my recent stroke symptoms. Thank you for your patience.

Because of Medication

Dear Miss. My stoke medication makes me dizzy and the doctor thinks it best if I stay home for the duration. I hope this is not too inconvenient. Thank you.