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Application for Seeking Asylum

Sample application to seeking asylum in USA, UK, Canada, etc on humanity grounds like religious beliefs and LGBTQ etc…

Application for Seeking Asylum

(Due to Religious beliefs)

To US Embassy,


This application is being written with full confidentiality to seek asylum at United States of America. I am in fear of persecution due to my religious beliefs. I reside in India and I have to live in constant fear of being killed due to being Christian. I do not belong from the privileged class of society so I live in the area in Mumbai, which is surrounded by extreme Hindus and every now and then I hear the news of some Christian being killed due to hate. This is very common here to being killed because people don’t like your religion beliefs. I am receiving constant threats from the extremist group of Hindus to being killed in bat of eye. They don’t care about our mothers, sisters and daughters, everyone is ill-treated there and due to my education, I raise voice against these barbarians and they have started to damage my property and I am afraid that soon they will make me target of their barbaric actions. I hope that my asylum request is accepted.

Best Regards,


Contact No:————–

Application for Seeking Asylum due to LGBTQ

To Canadian Embassy,

This application is being written by Mr. Asmoi Shenai and I am gay right activist in Nigeria. Due to me being activists have already cost me a lot of my life and because of my sexual orientation, people in Nigeria are giving me death threats. In country I live people have no rights of their sexual orientation, they cannot come out as LGBTQ because it is against their norms. People live here is suffocated environment. I actively speak about LGBTQ rights and protest against it too and political parties have taken everything from me. They are soon going to take my home from me too. I have no choice but to write to your embassy to seek help. I hope that documents I have attached are enough to give you hint that how they are taking everything from me. Canada care about LGBTQ rights and give people right to come out as about their sexual orientation. I am hoping to get asylum from your embassy.

Warm Regards,

Contact No:—————

Application for Seeking Asylum due to Nationality

To Pakistani Embassy,

It is respectfully stated that I am writing this application in huge concern of my life. I live in India and I am in fear of being persecuted due to my religious beliefs and my nationality. I am Pakistani Muslim and I work in political group due to my education on political affairs. I am in deep problem due to my religious beliefs as I am practicing Muslim so people in India with different point of views beg to differ and give me death threats to move out of India as soon as possible. I hope to seek asylum in your country.

Yours Truly,