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Request Letter For Rejoining The Job

Request Letter for Rejoining  the Job. Rejoining Letter After Resignation From Company. The given formats of request letter for rejoining job can be used by people who have left their jobs because of some reason and now want to join it back. Mention the reason because of which you left, and why you want to work back in the organization.

Request Letter For Rejoining The Job

Mrs. Della Singh
Balaji Estate, Mumbai.

Subject: Request letter for rejoining job

Respected Madam,

With awed reverence it is stated that, my purpose of writing is to rejoin the job. Ma’am, I have been working in this prestigious organization since two years as a communication head. Getting double promotions during the same span and prominent appraisals proved me, an efficient employee. I had to leave the job because of my marriage. Later on, I have realized that I was gaining and learning much, moreover I was able to utilize my skills. I cannot sit idle and waste my time, therefore have decided to get back to work. It would be a privilege if I can get the same or relevant position at the place where I was working earlier i.e. Balaji estate. I hope you will consider my request and I shall be obliged for it.
Thanking You.

Truely Yours,

Rohan Shrma
Contact: 5635555

Rejoining Request Letter After Resignation


The HR Manager,
Falcon’s Association, Texas.

Subject: Request letter for rejoining job

Dear Sir,

With respect and regard it is to inform you that, I have resigned my job two months ago as a Project Manager in this prestigious organization; on grounds of my residence shifting to another station with my family. Unfortunately, I have not adjusted there and planned to move back here alone. I am again seeking some potential work to do where I can utilize my skills. I request you, to please consider my
application again if you find any suitable position for me, as you are already aware of my working style and capabilities. I shall be obliged enough. Thanking you in anticipation.


Name: ——————-
Contact: ………………………………….


Rejoining Application Sample after Maternity Leaves

Rejoining Letter after Maternity Leaves.This format can be used by the teachers female employees who wanted to re instate their job after maternity leaves.

Rejoining Application Sample After Maternity Leaves


The Authority Person,

Subject: Application for Rejoining

Respected Sir,

It is respectfully stated that I have been working in this office for two years under General Secretary Title and took maternity leave for three months. Now, as I am in great shape again and would be back to my post to resume my work. My baby is healthy and I have also covered from the effects which occurs after delivery so that I will be looking forward to returning back to office and continue my work. I have also been guided by the person who temporarily took my place for the work that at which status work is right now and I completely understand the developments and advances took place in my absence.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Rajesh Singh

Rejoining Application Sample after Maternity Leaves

Human Resource Department,
Gillian Heights,
Tuscany, Italy.

Subject: rejoining application after maternity leave

Respected Madam,

It is respectfully stated that I will be rejoining my job on the following Monday after a two month absence as I was on maternity leave. I was granted a longer maternity leave than an employee is entitled to. The reason behind this privilege was the fact that I had high blood pressure. Now that the baby has arrived and is healthy I can come back to work and make use of the daycare facility available at work.

I have been briefed by the person who held my post temporarily about all the changes and developments that took place in my absence. I will be in a position to take over from where I left off and work as efficiently as I used to previously. I look forward to returning to work.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Jones Parker.
27 th May, 2014.

Request for Rejoin School after Maternity Leaves

The Principal
Indian Public School System,
Bombay, India.

Subject: Request Application to rejoin the school

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is to articulate that I am class in charge of prep C and was on maternity leaves so far. In my case I faced a couple of complications which caused me to take leaves other than the applied leaves. I could not send you the leave application for the extended leaves taken by me for which I regret. I want to take my class back and want to rejoin the school after a gap of two months. Kindly pay attention towards my state and the tension that we suffered in the past month. My medical certificate is attached here for your kind consideration. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Dia Ajay Singh
November, 25, 2015

Rejoining Application Sample after Maternity Leaves
Rejoining Application Sample after Maternity Leaves

Request Application to Rejoin the Office after Maternity Leaves

The Manager
Indian Flour Mills Ltd,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Request Application to rejoin the office

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is to coherent that I am an employee here and worked at the seat of supervisor from the last two years. I was on my maternity leaves and due to medical reasons I got my case went slightly wrong. For that reason I applied for the extra leaves which were graciously granted to me by your concerning self but now as I am in fit health condition so I wanted to continue my job. Kindly reinstate me by tomorrow. I will be thankful for this kind act. Waiting your positive response.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Lakshmi Traer
November, 25, 2015