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Rate Increase Letter for Services

Sample letter of Rate Increase Letter for Services and Rates revision format for business clients, hotels ,customers, companies, hospitals, agencies, schools, property dealers and many more. This letter is issued from a courier company like tcs, ocs, leopard etc  for revising rates because of increase in charges.

Sample Rate Increase Letter from Courier Service

Dear Sir/Mam,

I hope this letter finds you happy, busy and in best of health.We at Leopards strive to provide with maximum value for money, and shall continue to do so in future.  As you are aware that inflation has rose up and cost of transportation along with operating cost and other utilities have been increased. We are forced to look forward to your cooperation in regard of rate increase in our services.

Although, we are taking all possible measures to maintain our costs, the increase is beyond our control and we seek your cooperation to manager this economic challenge. Price increase would be applied to your billing effective from 1st January, 2015. Rate Increase will be applied 10% and all existing terms and conditions would remain as they are.

We thank you for your valued account and hope that you will understand this need of hour.

Yours Sincerely,

Sania Mirza.

Manager Business Development
Leopards Services.

Rate Increase Letter for Hotel

Dear Sir,
Hope to find you in a good health. We at ‘Holiday Inn’ express our deepest gratitude that you choose our hotel for your stay and your remarks are always encouraging for us. People like you are a sort of our support and enhanced progress.

Sir,You are our valuable customer and we are providing you our best services,this letter is to inform you that in this summer season we are facing a lot of electrical shortage and management has decided to arrange hotel’s own power plant. For this, we are increasing the Room Rent + Taxes up to 10%.

This is currently an obligation and we hope that you will cooperate with us. Thanking you.


Business Development Manager.
Holiday Inn.

Rate Increase Letter for Hotel
Rate Increase Letter for Hotel

Official Memo for Employees Late Increments

This is sample memo for employees late increments due to some financial conditions of company. Company could not bear the further increments expense so they are late and after a short while when company will over come the expenditures they will work for increments and company informs its employees through memo the reason behind late increments.

Sample Memo for Employees Late Increments

Dear Staff Members,

As you all know that since one year the company is facing financial problems as the tenders and bank grantees are failed due to our rates and our factory machines are out of order. Our Plant & purchase manager bought new machines for improvement of company production.

So  management has decided to delay the increment period of salaries till next month. We hope that staff will understand the mentioned problems and current position of company. Our top management and officers are indulged in overcoming this improper financial condition and expectantly we will get recovered from it.

This decision is totally in liaison with senior executive staff and we assure other members that company will continue all its financial functioning properly from the next month.

HR Department.

Sample Memo for Employees Late Increments
Sample Memo for Employees Late Increments