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Request Letter to Bank for Disbursement of Loan 

Sample letter format of requesting disbursement of loan from bank. Loans are loathsome, but people are suffering from inflation, corruption and other living vile and they want to get rid of them and the only solution they can think of is to take loan and to pay it off requests to bank can be made to keep oneself safe from the deadly realities of the world as life is not a bed of roses. This format can be used by all and sundry.

Request Letter to Bank  for Disbursement of Loan

The Operational Manager,
Wild Wood International Banking System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting disbursement of loan from bank

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. Marshal Marlow and a customer of yours from the last twenty years. The reason of my staying here is your undaunted services and pleasant culture of the staff and the bank. You knew me very well and I had not bother you for even a single penny till my present status, but now I am in dire need of help from you. I had mortgage a paint house for myself and decided to gift it to my mother on the golden jubilee of her life. I was quite sure to get the profit in my newly established business, but to my horror I lost the bet! I am, right now, with empty hands and all the money that I had is deposited in this bank as fix deposit, but it is not mature currently. I know I am breaking the rules of the bank, but I want you to disburse the loan of mine and clear me. I am ready for the penalty, the extra charge that I had to pay for outlawing. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Marshal Marlow,
18 th April, 2018

NOC from Bank to Customer

Format of No Objection Certificate, NOC from Bank to Customers and clients after clearance of payment of the loan anyone had taken. Bank issue NOC for further assistance and transactions. Find sample below.

Sample NOC from Bank to Customer

Ref# CBSG/PF/6754/7                                                     Dated February,12,2014

Subject: No Objection Certificate

It is certify that Mr. Ahsan Khan bearing CNIC# 35201-146789-6 was maintaining his personal finance account no 01-915-3571-1 with Askari Bank ltd ,G-8 branch Islamabad and there is  no   outstanding liability and the said loan has  been fully adjusted with up to date mark  up.

Mr. Ahsan can do further banking and transactions without any restrictions. This certificate is  being issued on  the specific request of the above mentioned customer without any risk and responsibility on the part of the bank or any of its employees.

Warm Regards,

Abid-ur-Rehman                  Aqeel Ahmad
VP-Operations                       SVP-Head of Operations
CBSG                                         CBSG


Sample NOC from Bank to Customer
Sample NOC from Bank to Customer

NOC from Bank after Clearance of Loan

 To Whom May It Concern

Subject: Clearance of Personal Loan

This is certify that  Mr Ahsan Raza  is our customer and has settled personal loan and loan number 889900 in full and final with the bank.We further confirm that no outstanding  payment is due and payable by the customer as of date against the said finance facility loan in our books.

Please note that this certificate does not constitute any financial undertaking /liability and is being issued without any risk and responsibility on the part of the bank or any of its officers.


Branch Manager

Bank Name: ____________________