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Letter of Support for Newspaper Supplement

Sample Letter of Support for Newspaper Supplement.This  letter can be used by authorities of certain organizations who wanted to newspaper supplement for the betterment of their firms. Easy format is here.

Sample Letter of Support for Newspaper Supplement

The Editor,
Daily Times of Nation,
Buffalo, United States of America.

Subject: Letter of support for newspaper supplement

Respected Signor,

I hope you be enjoying good health and tender care at your end. I wish you the eternity of each thing that you wish in your life. Let me introduce myself to your gracious self; I am chairman of newly founded company of garments specific to inners of male and female. I had given the advertisement of specifications of my company in your reputed newspaper, but after the publication of that advertisement it came to my mind that I had skipped the information about Body Shapers! It is a new trend that I wanted to include in my company of garments, but forgot to mention it before in that article.

I completely understand that after the actual publication the provision of supplements is a bit awkward one, but on the other hand it adds to the meaning of the detailing given about certain firm or organization. On the behalf of my company, I humbly request you to kindly supplement the article given to you earlier for publication purpose. The inclusion of Body Shaper item will enhance my sale as nowadays protruding tummy and side pockets are major issues in both the genders. They wanted to get rid of it at any cost and my proposal of the item will attract multiple buyers to my firm. I hope you will add the remarks in the earlier detailing. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Shekel Joseph,
1 st September, 2016

Job Application for Senior News Reporter

Sample Job Application Format for News Reporter. Jobs are fundamental for the survival and status of mankind as it suffice the daily needs for survival and prestige. News reporter exchange their lives against dangers to get the news for the promotion of the newspaper they worked in. Such easy format of application is designed for those who struggled to get the new job.

Job Application for Senior News Reporter

The Editor,
Primer News, Calcutta Branch,

Subject: Job Application for News Reporter

Respected Sir,

With humble attitude and in the words the most befitting you it is to state that I am freshly got my degree of Masters in Journalism from the Indian University and now I wanted to apply my theoretical knowledge in the real world. I had known about the current vacancy in this news paper through the advertisement that you published for the vacant post.

I am freshly masters and my aims are very high. To get the news speed and passion is needed and I suffice both the conditions. Since my childhood my parents spotted the CID sense in me and later on in life when I got enough self sense I also discovered that I am inclined towards finding something new and difficult too. My very nature trained me for the collection of good news and I am aware of the how to apply the captions on certain news.

I had worked with Daily News for one year and left it because it costs me a lot of conveyance problem but I am applying here as it is close to my home. My winning certificates, the collection of news found in my academic periods and the copy of job
experience letter is attached for your keen and deep considerations.

Kindly consider not my age but my passion and youth to work for the betterment of the news agency and the ability to tackle the job challenges. Thanking you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Samson Fernendous
October 6, 2015.

Job Application for Senior News Reporter
Job Application for Senior News Reporter