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Application for Musician Job

Application for Musician Job.The term “music is food for the soul” cannot be more accurate for a musician who is highly enthusiastic about making music into a career. This is a written sample format for the request of musician job.

Application for Musician Job

Mr. Phillips Pane,
London Entertainment.
66 Stun Street.
Perry, 3456

Subject: Musician job request

Dear Sir,

Music is an art form of expression, it should bring the inner side of an artist to the surface and give the world an insight of his vision, it is a form of communication” – Martin. As a professional musician with ten years’ experience playing in bands and choirs and teaching
music, I am confident and hopeful that you will find my application worthy of consideration for a position at London Entertainment. Sir I am qualified postgraduate in Music from university of Cambridge in 2007.
In my career of ten years I played instrument of choices such as guitar, bass, piano/keyboard, percussions, violin, saxophone, clarinet, and cello. I had performed rehearsals with other musicians to sharpen my skills according to new advancement, Acquired gigs at various events including weddings, fairs, and bars.
I had composed instrumental music or songs for individuals or bands and I had created background scores for documentaries and television series. I had directed and leaded many musical performances. With these services I had also given music lessons to students in schools and music institutes. Furthermore I had provided
students with vocal and instrument lessons, taught musical notations to students and prepared them for musical auditions. I have had considerable success in designing and implement
musical education programs for students, assisted students in practicing their instruments or voices.
My documents and other details are attached with this letter. I would enjoy the opportunity to speak about this position with you in more detail for which I will call your office next week to arrange a meeting. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,