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Sample Leave Applications

If you want to write a leave application because of muscle pain/injury. We have provided a few samples below that you can check.

Table of Content:

  • Easy format of a sample leaves application due to shoulder muscle pull.
  • Easy template of the sample application for leave due to back pain.
  • Sample application to request leave due to neck and arm pain.
  • Application for leave due to muscle pain due to injury
  • Sample leave application due to neck stiffness.

Easy Format of a Sample Application Due to Shoulder Muscle Pull

To: Mr. Shubam Singh.


Subject: Leave Application due to muscle pull.

Respected Sir,

This is to request a leave for 2 days from you. I have strained my muscle while working out in my gym. I have has always been careful but it was an accident and I am n severe pain. I am getting treatments and massages. But due to severe pain, I am not in a position to come and sit on the table for hours with this. Kindly approve my leave so that I can rest. Thanks.

Arjun Khanna.

Easy Template of a Sample Application Due to Back Pain

To: Mr. Sahil Verma.


Subject: leave application due to back pain.

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I have strained a muscle in my back while lifting a heavy table in my home. This has caused severe back pain and I can’t even sit for long with this. With this situation, I am not able to come to sit in the office for long. Kindly approve a 3-day leave for me so that I can rest and get better. Thanks..

Ranbir Kumar.

Easy Format of a Sample Application Due to Neck Pain

To: Mr. Vicky Singh.

Head Manager

Subject: Request for leave due to neck pain.

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I have severe pain in my neck and arm. I fell from stairs last night and bruised and strained my neck muscle I guess. And due to this, I am in pain now. I am going to see my doctor today to help me get rid of the pain. But I do not think I can come to work like this because I will not be able to concentrate or sit in this pain. Kindly approve my leave for 3 days so that I can rest. Thanks.

Karan Kaushal.

Sample Leave Application Due to Neck Stiffness

To: Mr. Bajaj Verma.

Head Manager,

Subject: Request for leave due to neck stiffness.

Respected Sir,

It is to request a leave for today. I woke up with a stiff neck today and I guess it is because I hunched over my laptop working all the time and my muscles are not in pain or I have slept on a side for long but whatever it is I can not move my neck right to a side. I am taking painkillers a doing exercises but I do not think I will be able to join you in the office today. kindly approve my leave.

Abhijeet Singh.