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Travel Agency Partnership Proposal Letter

Travel Agency Partnership Proposal Letter

Sample Travel Agency Partnership Proposal Letter. A UK-based travel agency is launching in new state. Therefore, it has to access people of the native land. It is approaching a newspaper to publish them in their newspaper for promotion.




Recipient Name:——————–

Organization Name:————————-


Respected Sir,

I hope you are well. I am writing this proposal letter to express my interest in partnership with your agency. We are travel agency and we offer very attractive packages to our customers for foreign and native tours. As you are well-aware of the fact that businesses need partnership to grow and reach to masses of the people. This is my major concern here, I want to partnership with your newspaper so followers of your magazine, digital media would get to know about us through you. We are not a start-up; we already have a Company in UK. We are launching in this state for first time, that is why we need sources of famous newspaper. We offer packages to Malaysia, London, New York and India. We are tour guide throughout the tour and take care of bus expense, living expense in resorts and sightseeing. We also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner to our travelers. We also offer many exciting things in the travel package which is full of fun and exciting adventures.
I am attaching the price chart with this letter so you can have a rough idea how we deal with it. I am also sharing website address so you may see for yourself about our agency. You have a very well-reputed name in the media and have different sources on each social media platform with great number of followers. Therefore, I wish to send you this proposal for partnership so we can discuss about things in detail in a meeting. I hope that you accept my Agency proposal and I hear back from you soon. For further information or if you have any question regarding our company or about the package we offer, please feel free to contact us through e-mail address or phone call. Thank you!

Sincerel Yours,


Letter to Social Service Agency

Letter to Social Service Agency

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter from Connecticut to your Social Service agency to talk about your outreach program. I know a person who is eligible for the financial and food stamp assistance. He is in a dire need of money as he has no source of earning at the moment. I want him to participate in this program so he can be selected for the financial and food stamp assistance. I understand the fact that people with low budget income has the opportunity to go forward to healthier eating habits which is very important for economic stimulus of community or country. I acknowledge the efforts of your agency towards providing these services for the needy people. My client is going through a very tough and crucial situation in his life. He is facing many hardships of life thrown at him unknowingly. He requires this assistance so he can get hold of his life better. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,


Sample Letter to Social Service Agency


The President,

Sitars Foundation.

Sector 8, Mumbai, India.

Dear Sir,

Your agency is doing abundance of remarkable work for the people with needs, which makes the society a cooperative and supportive place for growth. I am writing this letter to put forward a request for my client name; George who lives in Connecticut is facing some troublesome time in his life. He is not in the position to support his family. He lost his job and out of little bit of savings now. I want you to consider him for financial and food stamp assistance. As your agency holds largest assistance program and provides assistance to low income families and individuals. I believe that it is better for reaching out for your agency for help. George has no amount in banks. I will attach all the required documents and bank statements for a proof. I hope my financially deprived client get selected for your financial and food stamp program. Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,