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How to Sustain in Covid-19 Situation without a Job

How to Sustain in COVID-19 Situation without a Job

The pandemic of Covid -19 is tragic. The employers and employees are affected at the same time, but the ratio is not the same because employers suffered much less than the employees as employers do have money enough to sustain survival, but the only hope for a salaried person is a salary, in case he or she loses a job means losing everything. By everything I mean, the rented house, bills, fees, grocery, clothing, etc.

Pandemic gets worse as people rush outside in hope of getting some work and forget to take masks on their faces and didn’t bother about the value of social distancing which leads to hunger and depression. Having said about the negative sides of Covid-19, the vital question do pops up that no matter what the situation is, life goes on and it should be so what should be done to sustain in this situation without a job. Try some of the following guidelines, if you are serious about living and living with dignity:

Start selling your own things. It is evident that such pandemic do not envelop everybody in the family, few remains lucky, seek their little financial help or open up the money box, if you are in habit of putting some extra change in that box. Take few thousands from them and start selling anything cheap like chips for example.

Go online and find some work, if you are not educated enough to do freelancing, then attach with people who can give you work according to your potential.

Wealthy people always arrange food banks or open invitation to eat or take away food with you, in Muslim countries and non-Muslim countries too, the saints’ places are always open for anybody to get food. Hunger issue is solved. Almighty has promised to provide you with food, no matter how hard the circumstances are.

The last and best advises tip is to make strong connection with your relatives and family members, for in any thin or thick, they are the ones who can never digest your fall. Get yourself out of Screen (social media) so-called friends and revert back to your family. Unity is strength. Always remember this and try to develop a good linkage with them.