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Sample Job Application for Deaf and Dumb Teacher

Sample job application for deaf and dumb teacher. Having innate disability is not a thing to be laugh at as they are responsibility of the society on the whole. Deaf and Dumb persons can apply for teaching job by using this format.

Sample Job Application for Deaf and Dumb Teacher

The Principal,
Al-Noor Public High School,
Lahore, Pakistan.

Subject: Job application for deaf and dumb teacher

Respected Madam,

It is to state that I would like to concern for a teaching position at the primary level. I saw your vacancy on the Internet signifying that you will have playgroup and first grade openings this year. Please consider me for these and any other primary positions that may be accessible.

After concluding up my student teaching in 5 th grade this week, I am starting my second block in playgroup at Big Branch Primary in Lahore. I am very fascinated in the positions at your school for numerous reasons. First of all, my stress is in early childhood education. In addition, I live very close to the stationing of the school, and since I chart to relocate to the neighborhood in which I teach as I am deaf and dumb by birth and I would still be close to my family.

It also benefits me that your school is hosting a Kaghan joint Learning workshop this summer. I have spent many hours working with a teacher who is trained in Kaghan joint Learning. I like the results I have seen, and have devour experimenting with some of the structures myself there in the training workshops.

I have enclosed my all requisite documents with this application for your kind review. Thank you for your contemplation.

Yours Truly,

Ms. Tooba Anjum
2 nd March, 2017

Sample Job Application for Visual Impairment Teacher

Sample Job Application for Visual Impairment Teacher. Specials are special in the unique sense of word and share common basic human rights according to UN charter and amongst job is the fundamental in the prime needs. This format is helpful to the innate blind teachers who wish to educate others.

Sample Job Application for Visual Impairment Teacher

The Principal,
Toenail Public Crescent School,
Ontario, Canada.

Subject: Job Letter for Blind Teacher

I was thrilled to learn of your need for a German Teacher. I have ample experience in applying apposite teaching and appraisal methodologies, and am professional at conniving and mounting educational objectives and preparing teaching substance. I am equipped to become an instantaneous team competitor within your association. I am by birth blind, but my blindness is not a hindrance in my looking forward to promising teaching career.
The following are things to see of my skills and undertakings:

? Currently working at Pathways Higher School as German teacher relied upon to evaluate and look after 160+ students all the way through the term.

? Possess an aptitude to communicate multifaceted information in a comprehensible way students can easily understand.

? Prior experience of adopting idiosyncratic teaching methodologies, documenting all lessons, organizing healthy group debate, and mentoring bothered students.

? Formerly employed with Mount Hill Primary School where I fruitfully increased the writing and reading comprehension test scores by 20% over three years.

My sturdy initiative and special organizational skills, pooled with my ability to work sound under pressure, allow me to play a decisive role in fast-paced teaching milieu. Furthermore, I am competent of simplifying lesson plans to attain curriculum objectives, without sacrificing eminence. I believe I will reach and perk up upon your school’s education standard.

I have enclosed my resume for your kind review. I welcome the prospect to discuss with you face-to- face on how my skills and strengths can best dish up your organization.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Sheila Jones,
1 st March, 2017