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Job Application for Physical Fitness Teacher

The following are two applications written to the Physical Fitness Center by two different people in wish to get hired as the Yoga Instructor at their Physical Fitness Center. Physical Education Teacher Cover Letter Examples. Necessary Changes can be done.

Job Application for Physical Fitness Teacher


The HR Manager

Novo Fitness Center

Birmingham, UK

Respected Sir,

My name is Alison Baker, and I’m writing to apply for a position as a Yoga teacher at your physical center, as indicated. For this position, I am well-educated and experienced. I have a physical fitness specialty from the University of South Carolina in the United States of America and have worked as a fitness trainer and part-time yoga instructor at Alvis Fitness in Manchester for the past ten years. However, I recently left the job since I relocated to Birmingham. I’ve heard a lot of good things about your fitness center, and I’ve also attended three of your fitness lectures. I’m available for a meeting with you at any time that is convenient for you, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for cooperating with me.

Yours Sincerely,

Alison Baker

Job Application for the Position of Yoga Teacher


The HR Manager

Fatah Fitness Center

Birmingham, London

Respected Madam,

I’ve been interested in yoga for a long time and was thrilled to find a position coming up at your Yoga Center. I’m writing to register my official interest in being considered for the yoga instructor position that will be offered next month. I’ve been doing yoga since I was a child, and I’ve spent the last ten years honing my abilities and practices. I feel I am prepared to assume the position of instructor and teach people how to use yoga to improve their overall health. I am fully aware of the many types of yoga poses available and how to effectively practice them. I also have a thorough understanding of breathing and relaxation methods, as well as the ability to teach people how to practice yoga for improved health and well-being. My great communication skills make connecting with clients simple, and the exceptional customer service they’ll receive will ensure that they return. I have a current yoga teaching certification that qualifies me for this position, and I am convinced that my contributions to the Fatah Fitness Center team will be beneficial. Thank you very much.

Yours Truly,

Hassan Raza