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Request to Deliver Products on Time

Request to Deliver Products on Time. Good services also include meeting the deadlines if you break the trust of your customer, it would became very difficult to maintain the interest of customer in your services. It is a sample written format how to write the demand letter to deliver the products on time.

Request to Deliver Products on Time

Mr. Katter,
Dairy Farm of Australian Cows.
Melbourne, Australia.

Subject: Request Letter to deliver the products on time


With sorry to say, that we are very unsatisfied with your delivery timing of milk packets. You are delivering the milk packets late from your expected time. We had informed you prior to this letter but there were no any good progress from your side. If it would continue, and there would be no changes in delivery timings than we would take a serious action against you and it can be termination of contract of purchasing milk packets from your dairy farm. We have other quality milk supply offers from the market at very low rate if we compared the rate of product with yours. We have a long term professional relationship with your farm that why we are sending you a warning as well as request letter to deliver the milk at time.
Otherwise, we would not give you another chance and no other excuse would be acceptable. Hopefully we have delivered our message clearly and timely. So we would be waiting for positive action from your side, so our long term professional relationship could be continues as it was before.
All your payments would be deposited to your account after your notice against this letter. No any cash would be given to your milk supplier. Else, there can be a worse reaction. Please make sure to deliver the milk on time. So you can save your side from any disgrace.

Yours Sincerely,
Bake and Bake Company.
Melbourne, Australia

Request Letter to Issuing Delivery Order

Request Letter to Issuing Delivery Order

Gul ahmad
Online customer services

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you to give your attention towards my order which I had placed 20 days back. I ordered 12 three piece cotton dresses at your online website. I paid a deposit of $2000 by my credit card. The reference number for my order was 1122333444.I was expecting to take delivery of the item on 20/09/11, but at present I have still not received the parcel. Failure to deliver within a reasonable time and outside of the agreed deadline is considered to be a breach of contract.
I am now making time of the essence and request the item be delivered within 14 days of receipt of this letter. Should you fail to do so, I will be requesting a full refund of all paid amount. Kindly recheck your services why my ordered is not delivered on time and makes necessary actions accordingly. I am waiting for your reply and delivery of my parcel.

Yours Sincerely
Ans Ahmad

Sample Requesting of Issuance Letter for Delivery Orders

Mr. Manager,
Green Global Education Department,
California, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting issuance letter for delivery orders

Respected Sir,

It is to inform you that I am Tom Ricked and serving here as a runner/ancillary staff member. My duty is to receive deliveries from different sectors for our cafeteria. There are three new factories recently being linked to our school for stationery purpose, but each time I am facing trouble in receiving the orders from them as most of the time is wasted in proving my identity. Kindly issue me the authority letter for receiving the delivery orders and save my time and energy as I had to fight with them for my identity and then they hand over the stuff to me. I hope you will issue me the letter as soon as possible.Thank you and looking forward for a kind action.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Tom Ricked,
25 th May, 2018.