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Request for Renewal of Rent Contract

Sample letter format of requesting renewal of contract of rent. Lease Renewal letter. Contracts for rent are meant to save both the parties from any untoward happening and this format is one such help.

Request for Renewal of Rent Contract

Mr. Jacob Ronny,
Trunk Wood, 38 East Lane
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting renewal contract of rent

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that three years had passed happily to the contract between us on the score of
rent a house. I had faced no issue from your side and upon your request I decided to keep you my paying guest for another couple of year! I had drafted the Summon from the court of Law for renewal of rent and you are requested to come to my place and sign the treaty and take the carbon copy of its with you. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Mrs. Martha Ronald,
16th December, 2017.

Sample Request Letter of Contract Renewal

Mulberry Residences
Lahore, Pakistan

Subject: Request for renewal of rent contract

Respected Sir,

We hope you are enjoying your brief visit to the northern areas. It is with great delight that I inform you of my promotion and subsequently request you to renew my rent contract for the apartment where I currently reside. I hence, withdraw my previous request to leave the apartment, I was not sure whether or not I will be continuing in the same firm and my decision was based on that.
Now that the matter has been finalised and I am to stay in this city for the next two years as well, I cannot think of any place other than your enchanting residences. The place has many memories and
it was with a heavy heart that I planned to leave; now that I do not have to immediately I shall need your assistance. Please renew my rent contract at the earliest and send me all the requisite


Mr. Ghani
IT Tower
Lahore, Pakistan.
3 rd October, 2016.

Request Letter for Rental Accommodation 

Accommodation request letter to Employer. Getting hired but with no accommodation or office site far from the home is not a good tide to hear. Nearby accommodations serves a great deal of effect on the work quality and boost up energies of the worker which the employer must deem in mind fit for their business as well. The persons who wanted lease/rental accommodation can use this format as supplement.

Sample Request Letter for Rental Accommodation

The Managing Director,
Rhodes and Schwarz Company,
Munich, Germany.

Subject: Request for Rental Accommodation

Respected sir,

It is stated that I am an employee of yours working in your company and it is an honor to work with you. I have been facing certain issue which I cannot resolve on my own that’s why it forced me to share with you. I have an issue regarding my settlement. Sir I have been working here for two months and I am not earning any benefits from my pay because half of my pay is wasted in paying vehicle expenditure. There is enough distance between my home and office area. A lot of time is wasted from getting home to office and parting from office to home. It’s getting vigorous for me to work here anymore in these annoying circumstances.

I am closing all the perquisite document with this application for kind and prompt action. Despite these, If you need any other document kindly feel free to approach me via my contact number 342-98754389.0012 or via my email awz49$2@outlook.com Sir, if you give me rental accommodation then it would be a great help to me. Kindly take an urgent notice of my appeal and make me feel obliged. Thanking in anticipation.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Jacob Lowe
28 th July, 2017.

Application for Issuance of House Rent

Sample Application for Issuance of House Rent. If any employee wants to request for issuance of accommodation/house rent cheque from company he/she may use the provided easy format of application below.

Application for Issuance of House Rent Sample

The Finance Manager,
PowerGen Group.

Subject: Request for Issuance of House Rent

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am working as ‘PA to the General Manager’ in PowerGen Group and my accommodation rent and bills are paid by the company’s finance panel. This is to inform that the cheque for rent of previous two months isn’t issued and it is hard for me to survive under such conditions as owner asks me repeatedly about rent. Kindly issue the accommodation/house rent cheque for the month of June and July. I shall be highly obliged if you consider the request on priority basis.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Raj Mehta,
PA General Manager.
PowerGen Group.

Application for Issuance of House Rent Sample
Application for Issuance of House Rent Sample