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Application to NADRA for Issuance of Covid Vaccine Certificate

Here is a sample application to NADRA for issuance of covid vaccine certificate. Everyone can use this format according to their need. Necessity changes can be done.

Application to NADRA for Issuance of Covid Vaccine Certificate


The Manager

National Database and Registration Authority

Lahore, Pakistan

Respected Sir,

I hope you’re doing great in terms of health. It is respectfully stated that my name is Daniyal Irfan Ullah Khan Niazi, son of Irfan Ullah Khan Niazi, a resident of defense housing authority phase three with a Computerized National Identity Card number 12342-7653340-1. Sir as you are well aware of the harsh pandemic, covid 19 in which we all are living, has hurt many lives in ways that we cannot even count, following with the strict lockdown restrictions that have hurled many daily activities. As you must be aware of the situation that government has imposed restriction on the citizens, that one citizen’s cant goes to a restaurant, can’t travel and can’t even get the fuel from the filling station is you don’t have a vaccination card.

Sir, I am double-dozed vaccinated and still did not receive my vaccination card even though I have written many applications to the junior manager, even came to your defense housing authority branch but it was of no help as they kept saying that come next week to get your process started, but this keeps on repeating. I am a student of Government College University and now even my university has imposed restrictions that one student may not enter the university if he doesn’t have a vaccination card. Due to this, I haven’t been able to attend any classes for the last two weeks. Also, I have to travel to Faisalabad this weekend but I cannot travel until and unless I don’t have my certificate. It is important to work that I have to deal with this weekend, so I humbly state that my vaccination card should be processed as soon as possible.

Sir, I’ve heard from many that you are really cooperative and this is the reason that I am directing this application to you. I hope you look into this matter and solve it. If you need any information regarding me you can contact me on the number given below, thank you for your time and cooperation.

Yours Sincerely,

Daniyal Irfan Ullah Khan Niazi