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Evaluation Letter of Teacher before Increment

Sample Evaluation Letter of teacher before increment. In any educational organization, increments are feast and the evaluation is the cooker where he or she is to be pressurized for better results. This letter is like North Star for the searching souls.

Evaluation Letter of Teacher before Increment

Mr. Tom David,
The Moon Lit Dust School System,
London, England.

Subject: Evaluation of teacher before increment

Dear David,

Hope, you will be gliding in flying colours of your life as every cloud has a silver lining. You are a new inductee. We hired you three months before the commencement of the academic session this year. You qualified the panel interview preceded by written test. You were on probation of three months as per policy. We found you eligible for the post of Science Teacher for junior classes as we received no complaints from your side or from your colleagues regarding your behavior and professional expertise.

We deem it perfect to bring into your notice that in the mid of the session each year, we evaluate our staff members who are newly recruited by us in the system. This evaluation is important as on its behalf we determine the
increment ratio in your current salary. All increments depend on your performance and the grades you will achieve.
We will evaluate you on the following basics:

1. Quality of copy checking,
2. Efficacy in planner writing,
3. Class management,
4. Discipline control,
5. Activity based learning environment,
6. Student-teacher relationship,
7. Teacher-parent relationship,
8. Teacher-teacher relationship
9. Use of Realia
10. Participation in Extra-curricular activities and curricular activities.

We will come to you in a week for further proceedings. Best of luck to you from our side and dream for the perfection, but prepare for the worst. Thank you.


4 th July, 2017.

Official Memo for Employees Late Increments

This is sample memo for employees late increments due to some financial conditions of company. Company could not bear the further increments expense so they are late and after a short while when company will over come the expenditures they will work for increments and company informs its employees through memo the reason behind late increments.

Sample Memo for Employees Late Increments

Dear Staff Members,

As you all know that since one year the company is facing financial problems as the tenders and bank grantees are failed due to our rates and our factory machines are out of order. Our Plant & purchase manager bought new machines for improvement of company production.

So  management has decided to delay the increment period of salaries till next month. We hope that staff will understand the mentioned problems and current position of company. Our top management and officers are indulged in overcoming this improper financial condition and expectantly we will get recovered from it.

This decision is totally in liaison with senior executive staff and we assure other members that company will continue all its financial functioning properly from the next month.

HR Department.

Sample Memo for Employees Late Increments
Sample Memo for Employees Late Increments


Letter of Increment to Employee Sample

Letter of salary increment to employee  sample, due to good performance the management enhance the salary of employee. It can be used as Letter of salary increase to employee template. This is a free format of  annual increment  letter for official employee. You can use as sample letter of salary appraisal or format of salary appraisal letter.

Letter of Increment Sample

We are Pleased to inform you that your performance during the period of January 2011 to June 2011 has been appreciated by the management and in recognition.

You have been awarded 11.71 raise in your basic salary and over all total increment in this conesquenty your monthly salary w.e.f 1st July 2011 is

  • Basic Salary: Rs 41,110
  • House Rent: Rs 5000
  • Medical Allowance: Rs 1000
  • Gross Salary: Rs 47110
Note: Provident fund and tax deduction 47,110 will be applicable as per rules.
Best Regards,
Muhammad Ahsan Naseem
Director & Head of the Engineering
Letter of Increment Sample
Letter of Increment Sample

Letter of  Salary Appraisal

Dear Rehan Ahmed,

Based on the increment performance review-and the criteria defined by the management, i am glade to tell you that your salary has been incremented by 16.76%. You will be glade to know that this appraisal to 28.47% well above the industry average. This is on top of the overtime Rs 8,128 received during the past months( again something not commonly practices in the industry).

Please note that based on state bank of Pakistan data, the average inflation rate in Pakistan has been 10.2%. Furthermore, just to remind you, there will be or full salary Bonus in June/ July 2012. This makes your effective monthly gross salary until June/ July 2012 to be Rs 80,000 plus any overtime payments.

Lastly on behalf of the company management . I would like to congrats you on the excellent performance in the current performance period and the resultant appraisal.

  • Reviewer: President Name…..
  • Old Basic Salary: ……….
  • Old Gross Salary:………
  • New Basic Salary:……
  • New Gross Salary:…..

Best Regards,

Manager HR