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Impact of Climate change on Species

The following is an article on Global Warming and its impact on Species Extinction.

Impact of Climate change on Species

Global warming is a shift in the regular climate in which the earth’s temperature steadily rises. The consequences of global warming are primarily classified as natural and anthropogenic, with the anthropogenic influence being the most severe. The following are some of the impacts of global warming:

  1. Weather Variations:

One of the most significant impacts of global warming is the change in natural weather, which changes seasonal timings such as early blooming of plants, unexpected variance in agricultural production, and so on, disrupting the food supply chain and social systems. The impacts of global warming also include changes in rainfall volumes and patterns, which, depending on geography, render a place wetter or drier. Though studies suggest that colder days or nights get hotter, the influence is thought to be critical in the long term. However, studies show that the heat waves have almost reached the point where they are impossible to treat, so it is preferable to take steps to prevent additional calamity.

  1. Extinction of species

A new study warns that climate change may lead to the extinction of one-third of all animal and plant species by 2070. Researchers looked at recent extinctions caused by climate change to anticipate how many species will be lost in the next 50 years. The preceding five extinctions happened over the last 450 million years, primarily as a result of meteorites and volcanic eruptions. The sixth extinction, on the other hand, is caused by global warming. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists presently 87,967 species, 25,062 of which are threatened with extinction, according to the 2017 edition. Scientists in Europe have been researching the drop in the mass of flying insects in natural parks, and the evidence speaks for itself: a 75 percent decrease since 1990. The primary reasons for this considerable reduction appear to be climate change and pesticides.

The battle against climate change necessitates a commitment to decarbonizing the economy through decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. We will require smarter and more effective energy production technologies, a commitment to responsible use, and the development of equitable finance mechanisms for all forms of energy that do not raise the cost of clean energies.

Health Impacts of Globalization

The digital world, in which we all are living, has knitted and kneaded the world into a global village. This globalization has brought about rampant changes in almost every walk of life. In this readout, we will discuss a few impacts of globalization on the following walks of life:

Impacts of Globalization on Environment:

         With changing machinery, habits, reforms done in transport, use of fertilizers, wars, weapons, perfumes, sprays, what or what not, had changed the environment at large. Now, people are more prone to get hands on land and water, as survival of the fittest is true to this era as well. Marine life is disturbed due to robust change in climate and hence result in damaging the environment. The human activities are responsible in bringing about change in the environment, together and globally we have made species, endangered ones, deforestation is done miraculously!

Impact of Globalization on Economy:

           Globalization has brought changes in economic state of human beings: now the socio-economic strata is changing, rich are becoming richer, mediocre are shifting to upper-middle class and poor are becoming poorer. The globalization has turned on middle class, drastically. People are going after “presentation” one should be presentable and hence spending more time in making their looks better or more refined. This race has ripped the money-matter of each class, seems to be going nowhere!

Impacts of Globalization on Culture:

               Arts, crafts, music, pottery, handicrafts, sports goods, painting, sketching, literature, folklores, clothing, jewelry and film-making are included in the term culture. The globalization has brought changes in all these fields, likes and dislikes of human being across the world are mingled up. Now, west likes to indulge in eastern mood and east is taking interest in western hues! This is the most powerful impact of globalization on arts and culture of any country.

Impacts of Globalization on Education:

          Globalization has put its wide and extended impact on education. The world is now tying in mutual educational goals and British council is playing a vital role in its progression. Its main aim is to bring all schools under one umbrella where everyone can learn from each other. This is done to achieve stability in socio-economic strata and to reduce inequality leading to poverty. This initiative is a blessing for those who are under-rated and has less available resources or are not blessed enough to get hands on a number of teaching pedagogies and methodologies. This platform is benefitting such schools, especially.

Impacts of Globalization on Eating Habits:  

          We are what we think and what we eat! Eating patterns has changed. This change is brought about by shrinking the world into a global village. This globalization has made it very easy for the individuals to see, attract and adopt eating style of the host country. Turkish delights, Korean street food, Pakistani biryani, American burger, Albaik Chicken bites are all time favorite and in trend. Breakfast diet has changed, now people like to eat cereals and easy ready-to-eat food.

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